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A Knowledge of James Joyce
— devised & compiled by Bruce Stewart —
UFRN Brazil / UU Emeritus
The Irish Embassy’s Ulysses100 Edital [.pdf]. Appliction form [Formulário] to Ulysses100 [.pdf]

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Ulysses (1922): An Introduction with Brief Summaries of Each Chapter
James Joyce’s Ulysses [1922] in the Bodley Head 1960 Edition
Telemachus Nestor Proteus Calypso
Lotus Eaters Hades
Aoelus Lestrygonians Scylla & Charybdis Wandering Rocks Sirens Cyclops
Nausicaa Oxen of the Sun Circe Eumaeus Ithaca Penelope
The Rapid-Read Ulysses [short samples of each chapter ]
Chaps. 1-3: Telemachus - Nestor - Proteus
.pdf / .doc Chaps. 11-14: Sirens - Cyclops - Nausicaa - Oxen of the Sun .pdf / .doc

Chaps. 4-6: Calypso - Lotuseaters - Hades

.pdf / .doc Chaps 15-18: Circe - Eumaeus - Ithaca - Penelope .pdf / .doc
Chaps. 7-10: Lestrygonians - Scylla & Charybdis - Wandering Rocks
.pdf / .doc Extra: Joyce’s best-known comments on Ulysses .pdf / .doc
See “Introduction to Ulysses with Commentary on Each Chapters” - infra.
How to: Each of the above files consist of three or four chapters of Ulysses in much-abbreviate form (i.e., sample passages). Choose Adobe .pdf or WORD .doc formats and click to download. You can save the documents of each kind in the folder of your choice.

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