Michael Joseph MacCann

?1824-1883; b. Galway; professor in St Jarlath’s College, Tuam on recommendation of Archbishop MacHale; wrote ‘Soliloquy of O’Gnive, the Bard of the O’Neill’, in 5th iss. of The Nation, 19 Nov. 1842; also ‘Donnell Abhoo’ in Nation, 28 Jan. 1843 [var. 23 Jan. DIH], printed as ‘The Clanconnell War Song’, rep. in Spirit of the Nation, and later revised; founder ed. of The Harp (Cork 1859), and also the Irish Harp (1863), ostensibly in Wexford where he lived but actually in Dublin. PI JMC DIH RAF OCIL

Irish Literature, gen. ed. Justin McCarthy (Washington: Catholic Univ. of America 1904), b. Galway, 1824; held early professorship St. Jarlath’s Tuam, ed. The Harp and The Irish Harp, d. London, where he was later a journalist; selects ‘O’Donnell Aboo’.

Patrick Rafroidi, Irish Literature in English: The Romantic Period, 1789-1850 (Gerrards Cross: Colin Smythe 1980), ?1824-1883; contrib. The Nation, cf. “The Clanconnel War Song”, Jan 28, 1843, &c.

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