Seán MacRéamoinn

1921-2007 [b. Redmond]; b. Birmingham, ed., Dublin, Clonmel, and UCG; broadcaster, special correspondent during the Second Vatican Council, 1962-65; controller of Radio Programmes, 1974, and Head of External Affairs, 1976, he served on the RTE Authority, 1973-76. Works, Vaticáin II agus an Réabhlóid Culturtha (1987); The Pleasures of Gaelic Poetry, ed. (1982); The Synod on the Laity, An Outsider’s Diary (1987); Laylines (1993); and many contributions to The Bell, Comhar, Feasta and other journals; Éigse-Ireland Poetry Prize, 1989; ed. Crime, Society and Conscience (Dublin: Columba Press 1996); d. Jan. 2007; survived by dgs. Shona and Liodan. OCIL


‘Ecumenical hronicle’, Mac Réamoinn & John Horgan, in Éire-Ireland, issues for Summer 1967; Autumn 1967; Winter 1968; Spring 1969; ‘Ecumenical Chronicle for 1967’ (Spring 1968); Report on the Churches (Winter 1966). Also Authority in the Church (Blackrock: Columba Press 1995), 96pp. See also review under Patrick Kavanagh.


Benedict Kiely writes: ‘Some time in the 1960s, before the odd handmedown in the Six Counties of the northeast of Ireland came apart at the seams, Coras Iompair Éireann, our then national transport organisation, had a bright idea: one of many, I hasten to add. Which was to run a bus all the way from Dublin to Glasgow. You stepped aboard in Store Street, Dublin, were driven to Belfast, and onto a boat and ferried to Ardrossan where you disembarked and galloped on in high style to Glasgow. So my friend Seán MacReamoinn of Radio Telefís Éireann had another bright idea: to travel with a few friends in that bus and let them all A talk into a mike as they went along, and to tell stories and sing songs, all the way from Store Street to Sauchiehall Street. [...] and in Belfast, and to give the Scots fair warning, we were joined by the poet Hamish Henderson [...].’ (Drink to the Bird, Methuen, 1991, p.135.)

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