Tomás Mac Síomóin

1938- ; b Dublin, ed. Christian Brothers, and UCD (Science); also in Netherlands and Cornell, US (PhD, 1969); contrib. poetry to Feasta, Comhar, Lug, Innti, and The Lace Curtain; lecturer in Applied Biology, Dublin Institute of Technology, 1973; issued volumes of modern poetry reflecting American and other influences though primarily concerned with traditional themes such as Damhna Agus Dánta Eile (1974); Achadh Mhoirnín (1980); Codarsnaí (1981); Cré Agus Cláirseach (1984); and Scian (1989); won Arts Council Award, 1977; ed. Comhar from 1988; issued Cín lae Seangáin agus Scéalta Éile (Cois Life 2005), winner of . OCIL


Poetry, Damhna Agus Dánta Eile (Sairséal agus Dill 1974), Achadh hoirnín (Clódhanna Teo. 1980); Codarsnaí (Clódhanna Teo. 1981); Cré Agus Cláirseach (Clódhanna Teo. 1984); and Scian (1989). Short fiction, Cín lae Seangáin agus Scéalta Éile (Cois Life 2005), q.pp..


Three poems, ‘Ceol na dTéad’; ‘Féileachán’; ‘Eadartheangachadh’, in Andrew Carpenter and Peter Fallon, eds., The Writers: A Sense of Place (Dublin: O’Brien Press 1980), with photo-port., pp.114-16. Also, poems in Eoghan Ó hAngluain, An Díthreabhach (Cork: Mercier 1978).

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