[Cardinal] Edward McCabe

1816-1885; b. Dublin, ed Maynooth; ord. 1848; parish priest of St Nicholas Without, 1853; vicar General of Dublin archdiocese; parish priest of Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire), 1865; built hospital and church; asst. to Archb. Cullen, 1877; successor to see of Dublin, 1877; Cardinal, 1882; wrote on University education of Catholics, 1879; opposed Land League, and especially denounced Catherine Parnell as a woman in public life; denounced agitation and No Rent Manifesto; life threatened by extremists; mbr. Mansion House Committee for Relief of Poverty. ODNB DIH


Ladies’ Land League: ‘[D]o not tolerate in your sodalities the women who so far disavows her birth right of modesty as to parade herself before the public gaze.’ (Quoted in Jane Côté and Dana Hearne, ‘Anna Parnell’, in Women, Power and Consciousness in Nineteenth Century Ireland, ed. Mary Cullen & Mary Luddy, Dublin: Attic Press 1995, p.274.)

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