Kevin McDermott

Author of fiction for young adults incl. A Master of the Sultan (1997), Watching Angels (Marino 2000), and Valentina (2012); works as national co-ordinator Professional Development for Teachers and promotes reading for younger people.


Children’s fiction, A Master of the Sultan (Dublin: Poolbeg 1997), Watching Angels (Dublin: Marino 2000); Valentina (Dublin: New Island 2012); Mary’;s Shadow (Dublin: Little Island Books 2018), 69pp.. Miscellaneous, Discovery: Leaving Certificate Poetry Anthology for Higher and Ordinary Level (Educ. Co. 1999), 332pp.

See Claire Hennessy, ‘Real stories for real teens’, in The Irish Times (21 Aug. 2018) - available online [on workshopping fiction with young adults].


There is a McDermott webpage at New Ulster Biography (UK) - online; accessed 30.03.2012.


Plots: A Master of the Sultan (1997), set om 1942, tells the story of an Irish boy who becomes a master illustrator; Watching Angels (2000), visits Renaissance Rome and WWII Dresden; and Valentina (2012), in which the President's daughter is secure in shelter with elite survivors of global warming cataclysm, and ventures beyond the Green Zone to discover how the rest of the other survivors are living in the Badlands. See Books Ireland, April 2012, p.56 [i.e., front feature interview].

Namesake (1): Kevin McDermott is Senior Lecturer in Political History at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Kevin McDermott is Senior Lecturer in Political History at Sheffield Hallam University and author of The Comintern (1996); Stalin: Revolutionary in an Era of War (2008), The 1989 Revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe: From Communism to Pluralism (2013), and other works.

Namesake (2): Kevin McDermott, photographer and author ofThe Elephant House, or the Home of Edward Gorey, with text by John Updike (Pomegranite 2003) and Exhibition (Ten Avenues Press 2017) [55 male nudes].

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