John F. McDonald

Author of Tribe (1999), a novel about Owen McBride, son of an Irish mother and an itinerant father; previously written a play performed in London and Paris.


Tribe (Dublin: Wolfhound Press 1999; rep. MacMurray & Beck 2002), 272pp. [review Books Ireland, Sept. 1999.]

Tribe (rep. 2002): Owen McBride stands with his feet in two worlds. Is he a Traveller - the ancient class of proud but downtrodden wayward gypsies living on the side of the road - or a Gorgio - an average citizen with middle-class aspirations, clean fingernails, and no fear of the law. His marriage-minded Gorgio girlfriend wants to drag him into the settled post-millennium mainstream euro-life, with apartment, car, tie, and job. But that’s no place for a half-breed gypsy like him. But he doesn’t feel quite at home on the waste ground out past the edge of town eating roast hedgehog either. Every time Owen tries to make a decision on how to live his life, circumstance intercedes and sends his life further into chaos.

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