James McGlashan

?1800-1858 [usu. M’Glashan]; founder-proprietor of the Dublin publishing company McGlashan (1846-55), prob. b. Edinburgh, and worked for Blackwood’s there, and later for William Curry in Dublin 1830-46, becoming partner in 1837; showed a keen interest in the Dublin University Magazine from its inception in Jan. 1833; when Curry died in 1846, he took over sole ownership, struggling unsuccessfully with post-Famine finances; he was the principal Dublin publisher under his own name till 1855 when he retired to Edinburgh, where he died insane. SUTH

To be compiled: A list of M’Glashan’s publications. Search RICORSO, COPAC and NLI.

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under Lever writes of Charles Lever’s production of Harry Lorrequer and Charles O’Malley probably due to the inspiration of the shrewd manager of the Dublin University Magazine, McGlashan (See Boase).

Pamphlets: M’Glashan printed J. P. Prendergast’s Letter to the Earl of Bantry, or, A warning to English purchasers of the perils of the Irish Incumbered Estates Court [2nd edn.] (1854);

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