Lambert [SJ] McKenna

[An tAth Lambert Mac Cionnaith]; ed. Contention of the Bards, 2 vols. (ITS, 1918; 1920); English-Irish Dictionary (1943) Bardic Syntactical Tracts (1944); and other works. DIW


Foclóir Bearla agus Gaedhilge/English-Irish Dictionary
(Dublin 1943), xxxviii+1546pp.


Hyland Books (Cat. 1995) lists Focloir Bearla agus Gaedhilge/English-Irish Dictionary (1943), xxxviii+1546pp.

Belfast Central Public Library holds Bardic Syntactical Tracts (1944).


Matt Talbot: McKenna was the author of pamphlets such as The Church and the Working Man; The Church and the Working Guild; and The Church and Trade Unions which were read by Venerable Matt Talbot, the working-class Catholic ascetic. (Cited in Mary Purcell, Matt Talbot, Gill & Son, 1954).

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