Theobald McKenna

fl. 1800; veteran Catholic pamphleteer; employed by Castlereagh to write on the proposed Act of Union.


Memoirs on some questions respecting the projected Union of Great Britain and Ireland (Dublin 1799)


Dáire Keogh, ‘Catholic responses to the Act of Union’, in Keogh & Kevin Whelan, eds., Acts of Union: The Causes, Contexts and Consequences of the Act of Union, Dublin: Four Courts Press 2001), quotes Memoirs on Some Questions [ ... &c.}: ‘Unless the servants of the crown mean [...] to exclude a settlement under the head of religious difference completely co-extensive with the grievance, then will an incorporation of the legislatures be found a measure bad for Ireland, but if possible worse for Britain.’ [q.p.]; Keogh, op. cit., 169.) Note that McKenna is further described as a veteran Catholic pamphleteer and this piece commissioned by Castlereagh.

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