Lombe Atthill


1827-1910; son of a Church of Ireland clergyman residing at Clogher, Co. Tyrone who wrote Enthusiasm in Religion, a Hinderance to the Knowledge of Divine Truth [1819?] and other tracts; ed. TCD (Med.); author of Diseases of Women (1871 & num. edns.); Obstetric Physician to the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin in c.1873; sometime Master of the Rotunda; his Recollection of an Irish Doctor (1911; rep. Ballinakella Press 2007), 222pp., includes reflections on the Irish famine, Queen Victoria's vist, slums and crinolines, and portraits of Stokes, Collis and other Irish medical men.

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Memoir, Recollection of an Irish Doctor, (1911), and Do. [rep. edn.], with a foreword by Hugh W. L. Weir. 2007 (Ballinakella Press 2007), 222pp.

Medical works, Clinical Lectures on Diseases Peculiar to Women (Dublin: Fannin & Co. 1871, & edns. to 1883), vi, 208pp., ill. [pl. VI]. 8º [‘lectures addressed to the class attending the Adelaide Hospital during the past year.’].

Papers , Observations on some Forms of Inflammation and Irritation of the Bladder and Vagina ([Dublin: s.n. 1866), 9pp. [rep. from Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science, May, 1866]; Also On the Use of Nitric Acid in the Treatment of Uterine Disease, in The Obstetrical Journal of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. 1, 3 (1873-74), pp.145-59.

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Kith & Kin: His namesake-father wrote Enthusiasm in Religion, a Hinderance to the Knowledge of Divine Truth [1819?]; L[ombe]. A[atthill]., The Church of England recommended; or, Three popular objections examined, &c.; The Enthusiasm of Methodism stated, with observations upon it (Halesworth: printed by T. Tippell 1820), iv, 29pp.; Observations on Public Worship, Baptism, the Catechism and on the preparations requisite for the Lord's Supper [1820]; The Doctrine of Grace, and the Means of Grace, considered in six familiar dialogues, between a husbandman and a minister (1827), &c.