Joseph Edwards Carpenter

1813-1885; Lays and Legends of Fairyland, with poems and songs (London 1849) and other works incl. Minstrel Musings (18?83). Ed. many collections and anthols., incl. The New Irish Song Book, The Shamrock Songster, The Mavourneen Songster [ANTH], lived in London, b. 1813, d. 1885. PI ODQ


Belfast Public Library holds Lays and Legends of Fairyland (1849).

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Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
, ‘What are the wild waves saying [title line]/Sister, the whole day long/That ever amid our playing/I hear their low lone song?’; also ‘Yes/but there’s something greater/That speaks to the heart alone/The voice of the great Creator/Dwells in that Mighty Tone!’ [idem.]

QUOT Lays and Legends of Fairyland (1849), subtitle incl. phrase ‘English song’; parts, ‘Lays and Legends’, ‘Poems’, ‘Sacred Song’, ‘Songs and Ballads’. ‘The mystic, dream-like, fairy past/Was all too pure, to bright, to last;/For thus in life - can age restore/Youth’s beauteous, fairy, scenes of yore?/No, but in dreams again we roam/Those sunny realms, the Fairies’ home’; also ‘The Bundle of Rags’, an ubi sunt poem. ‘Emigrants Song to His Wife’, ‘far from this land where wealth alone has power/Where honour and genius but decay ... [&c]’

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