Antoin Gearnon

1600-?1667 [also Antoine, or Antaine]; poss. b. in Louth; ed. Franciscan College, Prague [var. ed. St Anthony’s College, Louvain: DIW], ord. 1635; taught at Louvain; returned to Ireland as Guardian of Franciscans at Dundalk, later in Dublin, 1639-44, before returning to Louvain; wrote Párrthas an Anma [Paradise of the Soul] (1645) famed for beauty of style and expression; chaplain to Queen Henrietta; involved in Franciscan politics [no ODNB entry]. DIW OCIL

National Library of Ireland lists a a microfilm of an MS copy of Rev. A. Gearnon’;s Parthas an Anma, transcribed by Seaghan Ua Ferarcuir in 1734 and another in 1842 by Pól Ó Longán for Fr. Matt. Horgan [MS written in 1842; 256pp., 7x6 ins]. Also extracts copied from the printed book by Padraig O Hethir, 1797 and An Irish grammatical tract by Stiabhna Righis of 1734 - presumably with matter from Gearnon"s work. [NLI Catalogue - online].