Mark Granier

Poet and photographer; French father and Irish mother;

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Poetry - Airborne (Moher, Co. Clare: Salmon Press 2001), 49pp.; The Sky Road (Moher, Co. Clare: Salmon Press 2007), 70pp.; Fade Street (London: Salt Publishing 2010), 54pp.; Haunt (Moher, Co. Clare 2015), 92pp., port.; Ghostlight: New and Selected Poems (Moher, Co. Clare: Salmon Press 2017), 134pp.

His anthologised poems incl. "The Great Wave", in Our Shared Japan : An Anthology of Contemporary Irish Poetry, ed. & intro. Irene De Angelis & Joseph Woods, with an afterword by Seamus Heaney (Dublin : Dedalus Press 2007).


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Mr Feutren (Fruity) isn’t from France
but Brittany. Important. Make no mistake.
Something - anger? passion? - has shorn his face
to a bald, beak-nosed, hunched-electric presence.

Yes, he fought with the Germans during the war.
A Breton nationalist, why should he hide
what he believes? What he did was justified
(though I’m not sure who these justifications are for).

The Irish, so stupide! Hard to believe
how little we know, and how can we make a start
when, in restaurants, we ignore the heart
of artichoke, to nibble at the leaves.

Now he has lost patience and swoops to wrench
some slowcoach from his desk. I am in his sights
and will be next. Because of or despite
whatever he fled, he teaches excellent French.