Thomas Colley Grattan

1792-1864; British consul in Boston, US; Travel books and novels of which the best known is The Heiress of Bruges (1830); Also Beaten Tracks; and Those Who Trod Them, 2 vols. (London 1862). CAB PI ODNB DIW SUTH

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German trans. of Highways and Byways (1815); Traits of Travel (1829); Heiress of Bruges (1830); History of the Netherlands [1830]; Jacqueline of Holland (1831); Agnes de Mansfelt (1836); all listed in Jürgen Schneider, and Ralf Sotscheck, Ireland: Eine Bibliographie selbständiger deutschsprachiger. Publikationen 16. Jahrhundret bis 1989 (verlag de Georg Büchner Buchhandlung 1989), pp.64-65.

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Dictionary of National Biography cites Highways and Byeways, French tours (3 series, 1823-29); Traits of Travel (1829), and History of the Netherlands (1830); described riots of 1838 for the Times; British consul in Boston, 1839-46; Legends of the Rhine (1832); historical novels, two works on America, and Beaten Paths [sic], autobiographical (1862).

Bernard Share, ed., in Far Green Fields, 1500 Years of Irish Travel Writing (Blackstaff 1992), gives extract from Tales of a Walking Gentleman (London 1923).

D. J. O’Donoghue, The Poets of Ireland: A Biographical Dictionary (Dublin: Hodges Figgis & Co 1912); Phillibert, poet. rom. (London 1819); Ben Nazir, The Saracen, verse trag. (London 1827); pop. novelist, Jacqueline of Holland and Heiress of Bruges [no ref. IF]

John Sutherland, The Longman Companion to Victorian Fiction (Harlow: Longmans 1988); b. Dublin ed. Athy; joined Louth militia and served in N. England; travelled to S. America to fight wars of Independence, met Eliza O’Donnel on voyage to Venezuala, m. and settled in France, where he began writing; trans. French poetry and contrib. English magazines; corr. for The Times; helped settle America-Canada border disputes; returned London 1846; churned out commentary on Anglo-American affairs, and inferior novels, inc. The Cagot’s Hut and the Conscript’s Bride (1852); The Forfeit Hand (1857); The Curse of the Black Lady (1857). BL 8.

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