C. L. Graves

1856-1944 [Charles Larcom Graves; chk var. C. D.]; b. Kerry, ed. Christ Church Oxford; ‘a well known journalist and travel writer’ [PI]; Blarney Ballads (1888), The Green Above the Red (1889); The Hawarden Horace (1894); More Hawarden Horaces (1896); The Humours of the Fray (1907); Party Portraits (1910); compiler of of Humours of Irish Life (1913) for Sir Charles Gavan Duffy’s Irish Library; also music critic and author of biography of Sir Charles Graves, and works incl. skits with E. V. Lucas. PI [DIW].

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Charles Graves, Blarney Ballads [2nd edn.] (London: Swan Sonnenschein 1888), ill. G. R. Halkett; The Humours of Irish Life (1913); Ireland Revisited (London [n.d.]), ill.;

Also listed in COPAC [Charles (Larcom) Graves] (b.1899), author of The Bamboo Grove and Other Poems (London: J. Cape 1925), 96pp.; The Wood of Time, and Other Poems (London: John Lane 1938), 124pp.; Lauds and Libels (1918) [poems rep. from Punch]

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Brian McKenna, Irish Literature, 1800-1875: A Guide to Information Sources (Detroit: Gale Research Co. 1978) lists BIBL, The Humours of Irish Life (1913), being ‘many short extracts from novelists of the 19th and 20th centuries’.

Belfast Central Public Library holds Blarney Ballads (1873); Eloge on ... Geo. Petrie (1866); Green Above the Red (1889); Humours of Irish Life (n.d.)

Belfast Linenhall Library holds The Humours of Irish Life (?n.d.), with intro. by [?C. L.] Evans.

Hyland Books (Cat 220, Oct. 1995) lists Humours of Irish Life [Irish Library] (6 vol. set); Alfred Denis Godley, Fifty Poems, ed. C. L. Graves and C. R. L. Fletcher (1927).

Cathach Bks (Cat. 12) lists Ireland Revisited (London [n.d.]), ill. [cited under A. P Graves in DIW]; & Do. in & Whelan (Catalogue 32).

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N. M. B. Christie, ‘Lever’s Charles O’Malley: A Book to Recommend to a Friend?’, in Etudes Irlandaises (Dec. 1979), pp.33-55, cites C. L. Graves, ‘The Lighter Side of Irish Life’, Quarterly Review, Vol. 219, no. 436, [q.d.], pp.26-47.

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