Heather Ingman


1953- ; novels incl. Anna (1995), Sara (1994), and Waiting at the Gate (1996); also studies of women’s writing and Irish literary fiction incl. Twentieth-century Fiction by Irish Women: Nation and Gender (2007) and A History of the Irish Short Story (2009); teaches as an adjunct lecturer at TCD with an email at DCU.

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  • Anna (Dublin: Poolbeg 1995), 302pp.
  • The Dance of the Muses: A Novel on the Life of Pierre Ronsard (London: Owen 1987), viii,197pp.;
  • Sara (1994);
  • Survival (1996);
  • Waiting at the Gate (1996);
  • Stealing Heaven (1998).
In translation
  • Das Glück ist anderswo (2005)
  • ed. & intro., Mothers and Daughters in the Twentieth century: A Literary Anthology (Edinburgh UP 1999).
  • A Study in Ambivalence: the Influence of Machiavelli on Poetry and Drama of the French Renaissance, 1553-1610 (1982)
  • Women’s Spirituality in the Twentieth Century: An Exploration through Fiction (London: Peter Lang 2004);
  • Twentieth-century Fiction by Irish Women: Nation and Gender (Ashgate 2007);
  • Women’s fiction Between the Wars: Mothers, Daughters, and Writing (1998);
  • A History of the Irish Short Story (2009).
  • ‘Edna O’Brien: Stretching the Nation’s Boundaries’, in Irish Studies Review, 10, 3, (2002), pp.253-65;
  • ‘Women, Spirituality and Writing in the Inter-War Period in England’ in Towards a Different Transcendence: Feminist Findings on Subjectivity, Religion and Values, eds. K. Biezeveld & A. Mulder, (London: Peter Lang 2001), pp.187-213;
  • ‘The Artist, the Traveller, the Lover: Identity and Irish Nationalism in the Novels of Kate O’Brien,’ in Identity and Cultural Translation: Writing Across the Borders of Englishness, ed. Macedo and Pereira, (London: Peter Lang 2005) [q.pp.]
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  • ‘Nation and Gender in Jennifer Johnston: A Kristevan Reading’, in Irish University Review, 35, 2 (2005), pp. 334-48.
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  • ‘Jean de La Jessée and the Family of Love in France’, in The Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 47 (1984);
  • Machiavelli in Sixteenth-century French Fiction, in American University Studies, Ser. III: Comparative Literature, Vol 10 (1988);
  • ‘Demeter and Kore: the Mother-Daughter Story in Women's Inter-war fiction [PhD] Loughborough UP 1995).

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Contact email: heather.ingman’dcu.ie ; TCD webpage.