Schema of Ulysses

This following chart, based on Stuart Gilbert’s version in James Joyce’s Ulysses (London: Faber & Faber 1930), p.30 [facing], has been formatted for internet by Charles Cave - online [extinct at 28.05.2014]
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Note: The Linati Schema for Ulysses, 1920, is held at the Lockwood Memorial Library (SUNY, Buffalo) as part of the Joyce Collection (V.A.1.a). Linati never wrote the article requested by Joyce and returned the schema to him. Joyce in turn gave it as a gift to Sylvia Beach with an inscription dated 2 Feb. 1922 (V.a.1.b.1). This resembles the one he gave to Stuart Gilbert (James Joyce’s Ulysses, London: Faber & Faber, 1930, p.30) and which was reprinted by Ellmann in The Consciousness of Joyce (1977). Both of the latter substitute ‘Scene’ for the category ‘Sense’ in the earliest one.

For further information and online illustrations, see Sam Slote, Catalogue Notes, SUNY Library (Buffalo) “Bloomsday” Centennial Exhibit, 2004 [online; 31.12.2008].

Titles Scene Hour Organ Art Colour Symbol Technic Correspondences
Telemachus Martello Tower 8:00 a.m.   theology whitegold heir Narrative (young) Stephen - Telemachus, Hamlet; Buck Mulligan - Antinous; Milkwoman - Mentor
Nestor Mr Deasy’s School 10:00 a.m.   history brown horse Catechism (personal) Deasy - Nestor; Pisistratus - Sargent; Helen - Mrs O’Shea
Proteus Sandymount Strand 11:00 a.m.   philology green tide Monologue (male) Proteus - Primal Matter; Kevin Egan - Menelaus; Megapenthus - Cocklepicker
Calypso Bloom’s House 8:00 a.m. kidney Home economics orange nymph Narrative (mature) Calypso - Nymph; Dlugacz - Recall; Zion - Ithaca
Lotus-Eaters Bath 10:00 a.m. genitals botany, chemistry white eucharist Narcissism Lotuseaters - Cabhorses, Communicants, Soldiers, Eunuchs, Bar, Watchers of Cricket
Hades Glasnevin Cemetery 11:00 a.m. heart religion black caretaker Incubism Dodder, Grand and Royal Carnals, Liffey - 4 Rivers; Cunningham - Sisyphus; Far Coffet - Cerberus; Caretaker - Hades; Daniel O’Connell - Hercules; Dignam - Elpenor; Parnell - Agamemnon; Menton - Ajax
Aeolus Freeman
12:00 p.m. lungs rhetoric red editor Enthymemic Crawford - Eolus; Incest - Journalism; Floating Island - Press
Lestrygonians Lunch [Restaurants] 1:00 p.m. oesophagus architecture   constables Peristalsis Antiphates - Hunger: Decoy - Food; Lestrygonians - Teeth
Scylla and Charybdis National Library 2:00 p.m. brain literature   Stratford, London Dialectic Rock - Aristotle, Dogma - Stratford; Whirlpool - Plato, Mysticism, London; Ulysses - Socrates, Jesus, Shakespeare
Wandering Rocks Streets of Dublin 3:00 p.m. blood mechanics   citizens Labyrinth Bosphorus - Liffey; European bank - Viceroy; Asiatic bank - Conmee; Symplegades - Groups of Citizens
Sirens Ormond Hotel Concert Room 4:00 p.m. ear music   barmaids fuga per canonem Sirens - Barmaids; Isle - Bar
Cyclops Tavern (Barney Kiernan’s) 5:00 p.m. muscle politics   fenian Gigantism Noman - I; Stake - Cigar; Challenge - Apoptosis
Nausikaa Rocks on Sandymount Shore 8:00 p.m. eye, nose painting grey,blue virgin Tumescence, Detumescence Phaeacia - Star of Sea; Gerty - Nausikaa
Oxen of Sun Maternity Hospital 10:00 p.m. womb medicine white mors Embryonic development Hospital - Trinacria; Lampetie, Phaethusa - Burses; Helios - Horne; Oxen - fertility; Crime - Fraud
Circe Brothel/
locomotor apparatus magic   whore   Hallucination Circe - Bella
Eumeus Cabman’s Shelter 1:00 a.m. nerves navigation   sailors narrative (old) Eumeus - Skin Goar; Sailor - Ulysses Pseudangelos; Melanthius - Corley
Ithaca Bloom’s House 2:00 a.m. skeleton science   comets catechism (impersonal) Eurymachus - Boylan; Suitors - Scruples; Bow - Reason
Penelope Bed   flesh     earth monologue (female) Penelope - Earth; Web - Movement

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