[Rev.] Frederick Langbridge

1849-1922; b. Birmingham, of Irish descent; ed. Birmingham, Merton Coll. Oxford, and later awarded DLitt by TCD; ord. 1878, rector of St. John’s, Limerick; Miss Honoria (1894), romance in which the hero becomes East End missionary; Sent By Angels (London: Cassell 1898), 205pp.; The Calling of the Weir (1902), love story of Protestant middle class; Mack the Miser (1907), middle class Protestant life in Limerick. Religious principles mixed with romantic fantasy. IF SUTH.

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John Sutherland, The Longman Companion to Victorian Fiction (Longmans 1988; rep. 1989), lists verse, Gaslight and Stars (1880); novels, Rider’s Leap (1887), sentimental and pathetic Irish story of gentlewoman who survives love-disppointment for become Lady Bountiful to a village; The Dream of Dania (1897), romantic upsets; specialised in sweet women betrayed by cads; wrote tracts for RTS; dg. Rosamund wrote novels in 20th century. BL 12.

Eggeley Books (Cat. 44) lists Diana Fitzmaurice, or Candour is Better than Flatter (Preston: Askew [1901]), remaindered iss. of The Dreams of Dania ill. Jack B. Yeats; sheets bought from Bowden and reissued cheap; Rider’s Leap (Halchards 1888), 414pp., adventures in England and S. Africa; some foxhunting.

Belfast Central Public Library holds Cracked Fiddle (n.d.); The Dreams of Dania (1897) Gaslight and Stars (1880); Little Tapers (n.d.)

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