Charles Lanyon [Sir]

1813-89; b. Eastbourne; studied with Jacob Owen in Portsmouth and afterwards in Dublin where Owen was appt. to Board of Works; appt. County Surveyor, Kildare, 1834, and Country Surveyor, Antrim, 1836; practised with W. H. Lynn, 1854, being joined by his own son, 1860;
Lanyon designed the TCD campanile; also num. works in Ulster incl. the Palmhouse (QUB), the County Courthouse (Belfast), the Prison (Crumlin Rd., Belfast), the Presbyterian College (Belfast), and the Custom House (Belfast);
designed Drinnagh [Hse.], being the seat of the McCausland family nr. Limavady; also the doorway to Galgorm, home of the Chichesters, Ballymoney; and Coleraine Railway Station, &c.; elected pres. of RIAI; vice-pres. Royal Inst. of British Archs.; Conservative MP for Belfast, 1868, and knighted in that year. EI

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William Laffan, ed. Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies: Journal of the Irish Georgian Society, Vol. XI (Dublin: Irish Georgian Soc./Gandon 2009), incls. study of Lanyon.