Moore’s Irish melodies / with new symphonies & accompaniments by G. A. Macfarren, 7 parts (London: Cramer, Beale & Chappell [1859-61]), fol. [var. Cramer Beale & Wood].

[Source: COPAC online; accessed 6.2010. Note: The contents are purportedly identical with the original series, here reprinted from the same plates.

See also Notes from Letters, ... &c. (NY 1854), p.11 for stamped receipt in Moore's autograph, folio, 6th March 1813 for copyright of Irish Melodies, Number Five, and the following songs:-
“Oh see those Cherries”: A Ballad; “Oh fair! oh purest”: A Sacred Song; “Joys that pass away”: A Duett; “Oh forget that you ever were mine”: A Ballad; “A Finland Song for three voices”; “Oh remember the time”: A Song; “The Tyrolese Song of Liberty”; “From life without freedom”: A Song, and “The Song of War.”

No listing of the contents of the original volumes or reprints of same by James or William Power are available in COPAC.]

Number 1 - Contents: 1. Go where glory waits thee; 2. Remember the glories of Brian the brave; 3. Erin! the tear & the smile; 4. Oh! breathe not his name; 5. When he who adores thee; 6. The harp that once through Tara’s halls ; 7. Fly not yet; 8. O think not my spirits are always as bright; 9. Tho’ the last glimpse of Erin; 10. Rich & rare were the gems she wore; 11. As a beam on the face of the waters; 12. The meeting of the waters.

Number 2 - Contents: 13. St. Senanus & the lady; 14. How dear to me the hour; 15. Take back the virgin page; 16. How oft has the benshee cried; 17. The legacy; 18. We may roam through the world; 19. Let Erin remember the days; 20. Eveleen’s bower; 21. Silent, O Moyle; 22. Come, send round the wine; 23. Sublime was the warning; 24. Believe me if all those endearing.

Number 3 - Contents: 25. Erin, oh! Erin, ’Like the bright lamp’; 26. Oh! blame not the bard; 27. While gazing on the moon’s light; 28. Ill omens, ’When daylight was yet sleeping’; 29. Before the battle, ’By the hope within me’; 30. After the battle, ’Night closed around’; 31. Oh! ’tis sweet to think; 32. Through grief & through danger; 33. Drink to her, who long has; 34. When through life unblest we rove; 35. It is not the tear at this moment shed - 36. ’Tis believ’d that this harp.

Number 4 - Contents: 37. Love’s young dream; 38. Tho’ dark are our sorrows ; 39. Weep on; 40. Nora Creina, ’Lesbia hath a beaming eye’; 41. I saw thy form in youthful prime; 42. By the lake whose gloomy shore; 43. She is far from the land; 44. Avenging & bright fall the swift sword; 45. Nay, tell me not, dear; 46. What the bee is to the flowret; 47. Love & the novice, ’Here we dwell in’; 48. This life is all chequered.

Number 5 - Contents: 49. Oh! the shamrock, ’Thro’ Erin’s isle to sport awhile’; 50. At the mid hour of night; 51. One bumper at parting; 52. The young may moon is beaming; 53. The minstrel boy to the war is gone; 54. The valley lay smiling before me; 55. Oh! had we some bright little isle; 56. Farewell! but whenever you welcome the hour; 57. ’Tis the last rose of summer; 58. Oh! doubt me not; 59. You remember Ellen, our hamlet’s pride; 60. I’d mourn the hopes that leave me.

Number 6 - Contents: 61. Has sorrow thy young days shaded; 62. Come o’er the sea, maiden, with me; 63. No not more welcome the fairy numbers; 64. When first I met thee; 65. While history’s muse; 66. The time I’ve lost in wooing; 67. Oh! where’s the slave so lowly; 68. Come rest on this bosom; 69. ’Tis gone, & for ever; 70. I saw from the beach; 71. Fill the bumper fair; 72. Dear harp of my country.

Number 7 - Contents: 73. My gentle harp; 74. As slow our ship; 75. In the morning of life; 76. When cold in the earth; 77. Remember thee! yes, while there’s life; 78. Wreathe the bowl with flowers; 79. Whene’er I see those smiling eyes; 80. If thoul’t be mine; 81. To ladies’ eyes around; 82. Forget not the field; 83. They may rail at this life; 84. Oh! for the swords of former time.

[ Series here ends ]

Further contents of original series [otherwise listed or reconstructed from sundry references]:
Number 8 - Contents: incls. “Oh, ye Dead!”;

Number 9 - Contents: incls. “Sweet Innisfallen, fare thee well”; “’Twas one of Those Dreams”; “In Yonder Valley There Dwelt Alone”; “By the Feal’s wave benighted ...”Fairest put on a while ...”; “And doth not a meeting like this ...”; “As vanquished Erin wept ...”; “Quick we have but a second ...”, &c. [This list compiled from Notes from the Letters ... &c. (1854), p.105,n.]

Number 10 - Contents: 1. “Though humble the banquet”; 2. “Sing, sweet harp”; 3. “Sing, sweet harp” (harmonized for three voices); 3. “Song of the battle eve”; 4. “The wandering bard”; 5. “Alone in crowds to wander on”; 6. “I’ve a secret to tell thee”; 7. “Song of Innisfail”; 8. “The night-dance”; 9. “There are sounds of mirth”; 10. “Oh Arranmore, lov’d Arranmore”; 11. “Lay his sword by his side”; 12. “Oh! could we do with this world of ours”.


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