Titles in British Copyright and University Libraries attributed to Francis Plowden (COPAC listing)

[ Source: COPAC listing for Francis Plowden (1749-1829) - online; 356 items including all copies and editions [here reduced to 38 titles] - accessed 02.02.2002. ]

  • An investigation of the native rights of British subjects (1784).
  • A supplement to the Investigation of the native rights of British subjects (1785).
  • Impartial Thoughts upon the beneficial consequences of enrolling all deeds, wills, and codicils affecting lands throughout England and Wales (1789).
  • The case stated, by Francis Plowden, Esq. conveyancer, of the Middle Temple. Occasioned by the Act of Parliament lately passed for the relief of the English Roman Catholics (1791).
  • Jura Anglorum. The Rights of Englishmen (1792).
  • Seasonable reflections, adapted to the approaching fast, and recommended to the attention of Christian people: [...] In an address from a minister to his parishioners (1794).
  • Church and State: being an enquiry into the origin [...] of ecclesiastical and civil authority, with reference to the British Constitution (1795).
  • The Constitution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Civil and Ecclesiastical, &c. (1802).
  • A Friendly and Constitutional Address to the People of Great Britain (1794).
  • A short history of the British Empire during the last twenty months
  • viz. From May 1792 to the close of the year 1793 (1794), and Do. [trans. into French as] Histoire abrégée de l’empire britannique, depuis le mois de mai 1792, jusqu’à la fin de l’année 1794 (1795).
  • A Treatise upon the Law of Usury and Annuities (1797).
  • An Historical Review of the state of Ireland from the invasion of that country under Henry II to its union with Great Britain 1st January 1801 (1803).
  • A postliminious preface to the Historical Review of the State of Ireland [...] Containing a statement of the author’s communications with the Right Hon. H. Addington [...] upon the subject of that work, some strictures upon the falsities of the British Critic [...] and also some observations on Lord Redesdale’s letters to the Earl of Fingall (1804).
  • An Historical Letter from Francis Plowden, Esq. to Sir Richard Musgrave [in reply to his strictures on “An Historical Review of the State of Ireland”] (1805).
  • The principles and law of tithing: adapted to the instruction and convenience not only of gentlemen of the profession of the law, but of all persons interested in tithes
  • illustrated by references to the most leading and recent tithe cases (1806).
  • The history of Ireland: from its invasion under Henry II to its union with Great Britain (1809).
  • An Historical Disquisition concerning the rise, progress, nature and effects of the orange societies in Ireland: intended as an introduction to a work in hand, to be entitled the History of Ireland, from its union with Great Britain on the 1st January 1801 to the year 1810 (1810).
  • The history of Ireland, from its union with Great Britain, in January 1801, to October 1810 (1811).
  • Do. [another edn.] with an appendix to vol. 1 & to vol. 3 (1811).
  • An historical letter to the Rev. Charles O’Conor, D.D. heretofore styling himself Columbanus: upon his five addresses or letters to his countrymen (1812); and Do. [another edn.] (1831).
  • A Second Historical Letter to Sir J. C. Hippisley [...] upon his public conduct in the Catholic cause [...] Occasioned by his animadversions upon the author in the House of Commons in 1814 (1815).
  • Human Subordination: being an elementary disquisition concerning the civil and spiritual power and authority, to which the Creator requires the submission of every human being. Illustrated by references to [...] occurrences in the [...] agitation of [...] Catholic Emancipation (1824). WORKS CONTRA: Strictures upon an Historical Review of the State of Ireland
  • Or, a justification of the conduct of the English Governments in that Country, from the Reign of Henry the Second to the Union of Great Britain and Ireland [By Sir Richard Musgrave.] (1804).
  • The malecontent: a letter from an Associator to Francis Plowden, Esq... / Associator (1794).
  • A letter to Francis Plowden [...] On his work, entitled Jura Anglorum. By a Roman Catholic clergyman [i.e. Robert Plowden; sic] (1794).
  • A Plain Statement of Facts, in answer to certain charges adduced by F. Plowden, Esq. in his History of Ireland against the Rev. P. Johnson, vicar of the parish of Derriaghy, and the Orangemen of that parish (1[8]05).
  • Lettre à un Ami de Province (Seconde, Troisième Lettre à un Ami de Province) [By H. Jabineau: relative to the controversy caused by F. Plowden’s “Traite du Sacrifice de Jésus Christ,” and the “Dissertation sur le Saint Sacrifice de la Messe” by B. F. Rivière called Pelvert] (1779).
  • Lettre d’un Théologien [J. P. Vion, called Dumont,] à l’occasion d’un écrit anonyme en forme de carton [by B. F. Rivière, called Pelvert] contre le Traité du Sacrifice de Jésus Christ [by F. Plowden]. (1778). LEGAL WORKS: The Case of the Earl of Newburgh and Lord Viscount Kinnaird [by ?F. Plowden].
  • Reasons for the late Earl of Newburgh [J. B. Radcliffe]’s application to parliament with an appendix comprising the case of the present earl [A. J. Radcliffe. By F. Plowden]. MS. additions (1786).
  • A Disquisition concerning the Law of Alienage and Naturalization, according to the Statutes in force between the 10th of June 1818 and the 25th of March 1819 [...] Illustrated in an elaborate opinion of counsel written upon the claim of Prince Giustiniani to the Earldom of Newburgh (1818).
  • The King v. Graham: Refutation of the charge of having improvidently and maliciously advised the prosecution (1808).
  • Crim. Con. Biography: or celebrated trials in the Ecclesiastical and Civil Courts for adultery and other crimes connected with incontinency, from the period of Henry the Eighth to the present time, by F. Plowden, Esq., of Doctors’ Commons [pseud.] (1830).

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