Jack Scoltock

b. Waterside, Derry City; ed., Derry; author of Quest of the Royal Twins (1988) and other children's books incl. Badger, Beano and the Magic Mushroom (q..d); Jeremy's Adventure (q.d); pseud., Rumble In The Jungle (q.d); The Magic Sword (q.d); The Magic Harp (q.d); Seek The Enchanted Antlers (q.d); Justine's Secret Challenge (q.d); The Sand Clocker (q.d), about a Spanish Armada stowaway and based on his experience as one of the divers who found the Armada wreck “La Trinidad Valencera” in 1971; with Ray Cossum, We Own Laurentic (q.d); Challenge Of The Red Unicorn (q.d); The Lost Magic (q.d); listed among Arts Council 'Writers in Schools (NI & Republic), 1988; taught Creative Writing with W.E.A (NI) for 4 yrs.; short stories published and broadcast; a play, Hope In the Derry Workhouse (1995), performed in the Playhouse Derry to full houses; four of plays performed by Lilliput Players, Stradreagh; The Tractor, toured successfully; short film scripts; pamphlet story on arson commissioned by the Education Board (Republic of Ireland; Kathryn Edgar) and Northern Ireland Fire Brigade (Brian Gough); currently writing fictional life of young boy during the Siege of Derry.