Hester Sigerson

(1870-1939) b. Dublin; dg. George and Hester Sigerson [her namesake]; s. of Dora Sigerson Shorter; m. Arthur Donn Piatt, American Vice-Consul of Dublin, c.1900; succeeded Rose Kavanagh on the Weekly Freeman as “Uncle Remus”; also contrib. Lyceum, Irish Fireside, also The Weekly Register and other American and English journals; poems included in Yeats’s Irish anthology; m. Arthur Donn Piatt, the American Vice-Consul in Dublin, 1900. PI


W. P. Ryan
, The Irish Literary Revival (1894), Miss Hester Sigerson, is a fugitive contributor to poetical corners of the Irish and American Press, and fills Rose Kavanagh’s place on the Weekly Freeman [148].

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