Walter [Fitzwilliam] Starkie (1894-1976)

b. Dublin, br. of Enid Starkie [above] and son of a TCD Fellow; Shrewsbury, and TCD; with YMCA (var. Red Cross) in Italy during World War I; lecturer in Romance Languages (Italian), TCD, 1920; Fellow, 1924; Prof. in Spanish, and lect. in Italian, 1926-1947; Abbey Director, 1927-42, being co-opted on death of Lady Gregory; travelled with gypsies, troubadour-fashion, producing Raggle-Taggle (1933), set in the Balkans, followed by Spanish Raggle-Taggle (1934) and Gypsy Folklore and Music (1935);
he also issued The Waveless Plain (1938), an Italian memoir; settled in Madrid as head of British Institute, 1940; In Sara’s Tents (1953); The Road to Santiago (1957); Prof. in Residence, University of California, 1962-70; Scholars and Gypsies (1963), an autobiography; CMG, CBE, Legion d’Honneur, Knight of the Order of Alfonso XII, and Knight of the Order of Crown of Italy; MIAL; d. Madrid. NCBE DIB DIW DIL KUN OCIL

Scholarship and art history
  • Jacinto Benavente: A Critical Study (London: OUP 1921, 1924), 218pp.
  • The “Commedia dell' Arte” and the Roman Comedy, in Proceedings of the RIA, Vo. 36, sect. C., no. 18 (Dublin 1924).
  • Carlo Goldoni and the "commedia dell'arte" by Walter Starkie, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 37, 3 [Archaeology, Celtic studies, history, linguistics, and literature; Section C] (Dublin: Hodges, Figgis, & Co.; & London: Williams & Norgate 1925), pp.[53]-86.
  • Modern Spain and Its Literature: a course of three lectures delivered at the Rice Institute on 20, 21 & 22 March 1929, in The Rice Institute Pamphlet, 16, 2 (Houston, Texas: Rice Inst.: April 1929), pp.47-110pp. [I: Personalities of modern Spain; II: The drama of Spain; III: A modern Don Quixote]
  • Bajo los puentes: 33 originales de José Porta, with a prelude [Preludia] by Walter Starkie (Barcelona 1946), fol. [engravings of subjects from Spanish gipsy life].
  • Paintings and Drawings of the Gypsies of Granada (London: Athelnay Books 1969), 71pp., ill. [text by Augustus John, Laurie Lee, Sir Sacheverell Sitwell, Walter Starkie, Marguerite Steen].
Travel works & autobiography
  • Don Gypsy: Adventures with a Fiddle in Barbary, Andalusia and La Mancha, with frontispiece and title page design by Arthur Rackham ( London : John Murray, 1936, 1938), xvi, 525 p. : ill., fold. map., ports., music; 22cm.
  • In Sara's Tents [An account of wanderings among the gipsies with illustrations by José Porta and plates] (London: John Murray 1953), ix, 339pp., ill. [24pp. of pls., front.], 23 cm., and Do., trans. in German as Auf Zigeunerspuren: von Magie und Musik, Spiel und Kult der Zigeuner in Geschichte und Gegenwart Walter Starkie; mit einem Beitrag von Walter Dostal, 1 (München: C. Hanser 1957), 318pp.
  • Raggle-taggle: Adventures with a Fiddle in Hungary and Roumania (London: John Murray 1933, 1935, 1941, 1944, 1947, 1949), 242pp.; Do. [Readers Union edn.] (1964); Do. [trans. into Spanish as] Trotamundos y gitanos: Aventuras de un juglar en Hungria y Rumania, trans. by Maria Alfaro; prologue [prólogo] by Julio Gomez de la Serna (Madrid: M. Aguilar [1944]), xxiv, 302pp., ill. ; Do., [trans. into Swedish as] Zigenarfiolen: vagabondliv pä Ungerns och Rumäniens landsvägar, trans. by Anders Eje (Helsingfors: Holger Schildts Förlag, 1933), 268pp.
  • Spanish Raggle-taggle: Adventures with a Fiddle in North Spain (London: John Murray 1934. 1936), xv, 488pp., ill. [front. & title-page designed by Arthur Rackham]; Do. (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1961), 318pp., Do. [large print edn.] (Bath: Chivers 1973), xv, 488pp.; and Do. [trans. as] Aventuras de un irlandés en Espan~a, trans. by Antonio Espina (Madrid: Espasa-Calpe 1937), 242pp., and Do. with a prologue by Ian Gibson (Madrid: Espasa-Calpe 2006), 261pp.;
  • trans. & intro., Tiger Juan, by RamoŽn PeŽrez de Ayala (London: Jonathan Cape [1933]), 320pp. [Pt. 1: trans. of Tiger Juan; Pt. 2: trans. fo El curandero de su honra].
  • Raggle-taggle Gypsy Tales: adventures with gypsy tunes told by Walter Starkie, directed by Arthur Luce Klein, 1959),
  • “I am a Romany Rye”, in Readers News, 12, 3 [Letchworth: Temple Press] (August 1949)
  • Reflejos en Inglaterra de la Personalidad del Rey CatoŽlico [from] Estudios del V Congreso de Historia de la Corona de Aragon, Vol. II (Zaragoza 1956), pp.197-220.
  • Scholars and Gypsies: An Autobiography (London: John Murray 1963), xi, 324pp.
  • The Waveless Plain: An Italian Autobiography (John Murray 1938, 1940).
Translations & Editions
  • intro. to Lavengro, by George Henry Borrow [reiss. of 1906 Edn.] (London: J. M. Dent & Sons; NY: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1948, 1961), xxiv, 550pp.;
  • trans., Tower of Ivory, by Rodolfo L. Fonseca (London: Jonathan Cape 1954), 504pp.
  • The Romany Rye, by George Borrow (London: Cresset Press 1948), xxxii, 414pp. [sequel to Lavengro]
  • The Deceitful Marriage and Other Exemplary Novels, a new translation with a foreword by Walter Starkie, (NY: New American Library 1963), 320pp. intro
  • trans. & ed., with a biographical prelude, Don Quixote of La Mancha, by Miguel Cervantes Saavedra - an abridged version designed to relate without digressions the principal adventures of the Knight and his Squire; (London: Macmillan, NY: St. Martin's Press 1954, 1957), 116, 593pp., ill. [decorations from the drawings by Gustave Doré].
  • intro. to The Bible in Spain, by George Borrow (London: Dent 1961), xvi, 510pp.
  • afterword to Deirdre, by James Stephens (NY: New American Library, 1962), 155pp.
  • intro., Our Lord Don Quixote: the Life of Don Quixote and Sancho with Related Essays, by Miguel de Unamuno, translated by Anthony Kerrigan (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul 1967), 553pp.
  • Trans. ed., & intro., Eight Spanish plays of the Golden Age (NY: Modern Library 1964), ii, 328pp, [J. Ruiz, The gallant, the bawd, and the fair lady; L. de Rueda, The mask; L. de Vega, Peribán~ez and the Comendador of Ocan~a; Cervantes, Pedro, the artful dodger; Cervantes, The jealous old man; Tirso de Molina, The playboy of Seville; Calderón, The mayor of Zalamea; The mystery play of Elche].
  • Conferencia conmemorativa Eugene O'Neill, 1888-1953 (Madrid 1954), 37pp.
  • Don Gitano: aventuras de un irlandeŽs con su violiŽn: en Marruecos, AndaluciŽa y en La Mancha [Por] Walter Starkie; TraduccioŽn de Antonio Espina, 1944 [1st edn.].
  • Ensayos Hispano-Ingleses: Homenaje a Walter Starkie (Barcelona: Jose Janes 1948).
  • La Espan~a de Cisneros Walter Starkie; versioŽn castellana de la inglesa por Alberto De Mestas (Barcelona: Juventud 1943, 1955), 488p.
  • Essays by divers hands: being the transactions of the Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom, ed. L. P. Hartley (1966).
  • Grand inquisitor: being an account of Cardinal Ximenez de Cisneros and his times (London: Hodder & Stoughton 1940), 492pp.
  • Foreword to Gypsy Folk Tales (Hatboro: Folklore Associates; London: Herbert Jenkins 1963), xi, lxxxiii, 302pp. [8°; reduced photographic reprint of the 1899 edn. by Francis Hindes Groome].
  • with A. Norman Jeffares, Homage to Yeats, 1865-1965: papers read at a Clark Library seminar, 16 Oct. 1965, intro. by Majl Ewing (LA: California UP 1966), vi, 78pp.
  • Letters to Derek Hudson, 8 April-10 May 1961, 1958.
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  • The Road to Santiago: Pilgrims of St. James (London: John Murray 1957), x, 339pp., ill. [map, music], and Do., trans by Amando Lazaro Ros as El camino de Santiago: las peregrinaciones al Sepulcro del Apostol (1958).
  • ‘Gypsies: the Eternal Travellers’, intro. to Romany Remedies and Recipes, by Gipsy Petulengro [orig. Methuen 1947] (Hollywood, Calif: Newcastle Publishing Co. 1972).
  • [with others,] Saints and Ourselves: personal studies [3rd series; [rep. from The Month, ed. by Philip Caraman] (London: Catholic Book Club 1958) .
  • ‘Semblanza de Cervantes y Shakespeare’ [in] Conferencia pronunciada en el Teatro CalderoŽn, de Barcelona, la noche del 23 de enero de 1946, con motivo de la extraordinaria representacioŽn de Hamlet en homenaje a la literatura inglesa [with] El Problema Espiritual de Hamlet artiŽculo literario de Derek A. Traversi (Barcelona 1947), 32pp.
  • trans., with pref. essay, The Spaniards in Their History, by Ramón Menéndez Pidal [pref. from Historia de Espan~a] (London: Hollis & Carter 1950), viii, 251pp., and Do. [another edn.] (Geneva: EDISLI 1950, 1966) [trans. from intro. to first vol. of Historia de Espan~a (Madrid: Espasa-Calpe 1947)].
  • Spain: A Musician's Journey through Time and Space [Espagne, Voyage musicale à travers le temps et l'espace 3 vols. (1958) [Vol. 1: The musical journey through time; Vol. 2: Spain from coast to coast; Vol. 3: 6 gramophone records]
The foregoing listed in COPAC; accessed online 03.06.2010.

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See Irish Book Lover 24, 26.

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Bernard Share, ed., Far Green Fields, 1500 Years of Irish Travel Writing (Belfast: Blackstaff 1992), gives extract from Raggle Taggle (John Murray 1933). BIBL, Starkie, ‘The Playboy Riots’, Irish Times (9 Oct. 1963), p.8.

Belfast Public Library holds Don Gyspy (1936); Raggle Taggle (1935); Spanish Raggle-Taggle (1934); The Waveless Plain (1940).

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W. B. Stanford, Ireland and the Classical Tradition (IAP 1984), records that W. J. M. Starkie’s eds. of Aristophanes’ Acharnians, Wasp, and Clouds, were standard works, though Shakespeareanised. (p.168.)

Anthony Cronin, Samuel Beckett: The Last Modernist (1996), writes: ‘Gerald Brenan told the present writer that he knew nothing about the Spanish people or their atttiudes - “or the gypsies either”; he added, but however that may be, Spanish Raggle-Taggle was followed by Gypsy Folk Lore and Music, and meantime Starkie had become, in 1927, a director of the Abbey Theatre. (p.62.)

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Dervla Murphy attests that it was the writing of Walter Starkie which first ignited in her the desire to visit the land ‘whose very name seemed a one-word poem’ (See Transylvania and Beyond, 1992.)

Irish Press (24 Feb. 1934), states that a new director has been appointed to the Abbey Theatre in Dublin: ‘Dr Walter Starkie, their former representative, was co-opted as an ordinary director following the death of Lady Gregory’. (National Archives of Ireland; Record 14895 from Department of the Taoiseach.)

Professor Thrift: Nicholas Allen writs that William Thrift, Professor of Physics and Dail Senator for TCD and some time member of the Committee on Evil Literature, was a friend of Trinity Fellow Walter Starkie’s father. (See Allen, ‘Free Statement: Censorship and the Irish Statesman’, in Last Before America: Irish and American Writing, ed. Fran Brearton & Eamonn Hughes, Belfast: Blackstaff Press 2001, p.97.

Kith & Kin, Walter Starkie, ed. St. Gerard's Prep. Schol, Bray, 1932-26; lived in California.

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