M[ichael] Staunton

1788-1870; b. Co. Clare; ed. The Freeman’s Journal (1808-24); fnd. Dublin Evening Mail (1823) and Dublin Morning Register and Weekly Register (1824-43); trained Charles Gavan Duffy, Thomas Davis, and John Blake Dillon; disputed with O’Connell; denounced Young Ireland; Lord Mayor of Dublin, 1845; wrote Hints for Harding (1870). DIH


Alderman Staunton, Second Repeal Prize Essay: Reasons for a Repeal of the Legislative Union between Great Britain and Ireland (Dublin 1845), p.633 [first prize won by M. J. Barry.]


Belfast Public Library
holds The Case of Ireland (1831).

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The Madden Papers, being material for Vol. 3 of Irish Literary Periodicals, conserved in Gilbert Collection, Pearse St. Public Library, Dublin, contains Brief MS note on Staunton’s Morning Register; with a 14pp. MS Memoir; also a printed obituary from Dublin Evening Post (26.2.1870).

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