John Walker


1768-1833; founder of Walkerites; ed. TCD, schol. 1788, fellow, 1791-1804; DB, 1800; ord., abandoned Anglicanism and founded extreme Calvinist sect, disbelieving in all clergy; admitted position of Provost of TCD, and expelled 8 Oct. 1804; est. chapel at Stafford St.; fnd. ‘The Church of God’, with followers, Dublin 1804; lived by university course teaching, private tutor;, 1804-19; moved to London, 1819; received 600 pension from TCD in amends for treatment, 1833; returned to Dublin and died 23 Oct. His works incl. Letter to Alex. Knox (Dublin 1803); Horatian Metres (Glasgow 1822); ed. Livy, 7 vols. (Dublin 1747-1813); 1st, 2nd, and 6th Book of Euclid (1808); First Six Bks. of Euclid with treatise on trigonometry (Lon. 1827); Lucian Selected (Glasgow 1816; 9th edn. Dublin 1856); also wrote the hymn ‘Thou God of Power and God of Love’, for opening of Bethesda Chapel, frequently collected. ODNB.

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