Helena Walsh


1879-1952 [Mrs. Concannon]; b. Co. Derry; m. Thomas Concannon, 1906; prominent in Gaelic League, contrib. national magazines and Irish Messenger; living in Galway in 1915; TD, 1933; Senator, 1938; Tailteann Gold Medal twice; history and biography including Irish Nuns in Penal Days (Dublin: Sands 1931); Poems (Dublin: Gill 1953), &c. DUB DIH.

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The Sorrow of Lycadoon
(Dublin: CTS 1912); A Garden of Girls, or the Famous Schoolgirls of Former Days (London: Longmans, Green & Co. 1914); The Life of St. Columban (Dublin: CTS 1915); Women of ’Ninety-Eight (Dublin: Gill & Son 1919); Daughters of Banba (Dublin: M. H. Gill & Son 1922; rep. 1933) [chaps. on ‘Women of the Castle’; ‘Women of the Cloister’; ‘Women in Exile’; ‘Women of the Country’; and ‘Women and War’]; Defenders of the Ford, Pages from The Annals of the Boys of Ireland from the earliest ages down to 1798 (Dublin: Gill & Son 1925); Makes of Irish History (Dublin: Talbot Press [1925]); The Defence of our Gaelic Civilisation 1460-1600, An Irish History for Junior Grade Classes (Fallon’s New Secondary School Series] (Dublin: Browne & Nolan [1926]); Ireland’s Fight for the Mass (Dublin: Irish Messenger 1928); The Poor Clares in Ireland AD 1629-AD 1929 (Dublin: Gill & Son 1929); At the Court of the Eucharistic King, The Story of the Franciscan Convent of Perpetual Adoration, Drumshanbo ... and Its Foundresses (Dublin: Gill & Son 1929), ill., re-issued as At His Feet, the story [ ...] Drumshabo, Co. Leitrim (Dublin: Gill 1948); St Paschal Baylon, Patron of Eucharistic Congresses (Dublin: Irish Messenger 1930); White Horsemen, the story of the Jesuit Martyrs of North America (London: Sands & Co. 1930); St Patrick: His Life and Mission (Dublin: Talbot Press; London: Longmans, Green & Co. 1931); Irish Nuns in Penal Days (London: Sands & Co. 1931); The Jesuits in Ireland (Dublin: Irish Messenger Office 1932); Blessed Oliver Plunkett (Dublin 1935); The Queen of Ireland, an Historical Account of Ireland’s Devotion to the Blessed Virgin (Dublin: Gill & son 1938); The Cure of La Courneuve, l’Abbé Jean Lamy (Dublin: Gill & Son 1944); The Irish Sisters of Mercy in the Crimean War (Dublin: Irish Messenger [1950]); Père Gailhac, Founder of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (Dublin: Irish Messenger [1950]); Poems (Dublin: Gill & Son); Life of St. Columban (1915).

St Patrick: His Life and Mission (London: Longmans, Green & Co. 1931), Mrs. Thomas Concannon, MA Dlitt, 260pp. [nihil obstat; imprimatur, and ded. to Archbishop MacRory, coarb]; front. Patrick Tuohy, RHA, ‘Saint Patrick’; chaps., The Coming of the Apostle; The Boyhood of ST patrick; The Hard School of Sevitude; The Escape; The Call; Int he Island of Lérins; The Mission to Ireland; Slane and Tara; At Tara; In Meath and Central Ireland; The Testing Furnace; Ireland and Rome; The Metropolitan; Last Days at Saul, Writings of St. Patrick; ‘White Places at Morning Tide’; St Patrick and the Women of Ireland; The Saint and his Mission; appendices; index. Other plates incl. The Rev. John Colgan; Landing place St Patrcik; Slemish, Croaghpatrick, End of Confessio, Downpatrick Cross, Shrine of S. Patrick’s Bell, Shrine of hand and jawbone.

Women of ’Ninety-Eight, by Mrs. Thomas Concannen MA, author of Life of St. Columba; A Garden of Girls; The Sorrow of Lycadoon (Gill 1919, 2nd ed. 1920), 340pp., ded., ‘in memory of all the dead women and in homage to all the living women who have given their dear ones to Ireland’; section titles are, ‘Mothers of Ninety Eight’; ‘Wives of Ninety Eight’; ‘The Sister of Henry Joy McCracken’; ‘Some Other Sisters of Ninety-Eight’; ‘Sarah Curran and Anne Devlin’; ‘Some Other Romances of Ninety-Eight’; ‘Some Obscure Heroines of Ninety eight, &c.’

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