Peter Woods


b. Monaghan; published in Irish Press “Young Irish Writing” (David Marcus, ed.), at 16; left for building sites in London, 1977; later worked in Germany; moved on to pub management, social work, and computer programming after 18 years; pub. short stories in London magazines; m. 1995; started writing seriously; worked in Dublin pub; stories broadcast on RTE; contrib. Sunday Miscellany; studied on documentary course run by Lorelei Harris; radio producer in 1999; worked on Marian Finucane, Vincent Browen, Pat Kenny shows; series producer of 5-7 Live; published by Anthony Glavin of New Island Press. (Books Ireland, Nov. 2003, p.265); issued Hard Shoulder (2003), in which the autobiographical character McBride leaves Monaghan to embark on bleak journey as labourer with strange companions.

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