Rose Maud Young

1846-1947 [Róis Ní hÓgain]; 7th child of John Young of Galgorn, Ballymena, prosperous and Unionist; br. Willie sec. of Ulster Unionist League (later UUP); influenced by Bishop Wm. Reeves to study Ireland, and attended Gaelic League classes in London, at Ladbroke Hall, taught by Micheál Breatnach and Edith Drury; also studied Irish at Coláidste Chomhghaill, Falls Rd., taught by Seán Ó Catháin; course in Donegal Gaeltacht at Coláiste Uladh in Gort a Choirce;
publ. Duanaire Gaedhilge (1921), songs and poems from Gaelic; Duanaire Gaedhilge a Do (1927), sel. from 17th and 18th centuries; Duanaire Gaedhilge a Trí (1933), poems from the classical period; see also Diarmid Ó Doibhlin, ed., Duanaire Róis Ní hÓgáin [with] Going Up the Glen, Protestant Womenfoldk of the Glens of Antrim and the Irish Language, an essay on Miss Young [launched by Lady Brookeborough, Tullyglass Hse. Hotel, Ballymena, 4 Dec. 1995].