Ancient Ireland

Ran for five months in 1835; a ‘weekly magazine estabished for the purpose of reviving the cultivation of the Irish language, and originating an earnest investigation into th ancient history of Ireland by Philip Barron Esq’; ‘solely and altogether a literary pubication. Politcs and Polemics are totally excluded from its pages’; ‘proposed to have prayer-books and Cathecisms, etc. printed in Irish’; promoted an Irish primer in monthly numbers: ‘the great object is to have the rising generation growing up with the knowledge of their native language and reading it’; the first words of the magfazine were: ‘The History of all other nations is written, read, and studied - but the Hisotry of Ireland is neglected, unknown, and left in darkness.’See Barbara Hayley, ‘Irish Periodicals’, in Anglo-Irish Studies, ii, (1976) [pp.83-108], p.98.

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