Comet, The


May 1831-Dec 1833; organ of Comet Club which incl. Samuel Lover, J. C. Mangan, and J. C. O’Callaghan, whose The Green Book: Gleanings of the Writing Desk of a Literary Agitator (1841) contains an account of the Comet Club, written in response to an erroneous account given in the Quarterly Review [June 1836].

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Patrick Rafroidi, Irish Literature in English: The Romantic Period, Vol 1 (1980): [Lever,] A Parson’s Horn Book came from the presses of The Comet [Rafroidi ill. with plate of comic engraving by Lover, showing landlord hoisted aloft by suffering peasantry [see also MAC, 380]

Seamus Deane, gen. ed., Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (Derry: Field Day Co. 1991), Vol. 2,: anti-tithe weekly, 1831-35 [6]; [JC Mangan, ‘To My Native Land’, from The Comet 1832 [23].

Sundry: Bartholemew P. Bowen in Irish Book Lover 28 (1942), pp.120-27; Brian McKenna, Irish Literature (Gale 1974), p.29. See also Mangan, RX and Ntry in connexion with Comet Club and contributions to the paper [1832].

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Eaton Stannard Barrett edited a London satirical newspaper, The Comet [this from PI? is probably erroneous since Rafroidi calls it a sort of pseudo-newspaper, with satirical tracts, in prose and verse.

John Sheehan, a Comet Club member; was imprisoned for libel as sub-ed. of The Comet, 1833.

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