Irish Felon, The

NOTE: see RX John Martin (1812-1875), founded the Irish Felon when his brother-in-law, John Mitchel’s United Irishman was suppressed.

Morash; If one reads the Irishman or The Irish Felon – the rent collected [by the Repeal Movement] for the entire country amounted to a mere 12 on a week of June 6, 1845. (The Hungry Voice, 1989, p.27-8.)

See also Seamus Deane, gen. ed., Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (Derry: Field Day Co. 1991), Vol. 2: founded by John Martin; Martin a school-friend of Mitchel, married his sister Henrietta, replaced Mitchel’s United Irishman after his transportation; co-edited by Lalor, who ran the paper single-handedly when Martin was arrested; five issues appeared, June-July 1848; in the first number, Lalor put forward the programme of the Fenian Brotherhood, advancing Tone as the national hero [172]; [do., 207]; John Martin, schoolfriend of, and later brother-in-law of Mitchel, whose sister Henrietta he married; member of Irish confederation, helped Mitchel edit the United Irishman, and Lalor to bring out The Irish Felon; transported on newly invented charge of treason-felony; his Meath seat won by Parnell [256n].

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