Irish Freedom

1910-1914; IRB organ; managed by Seán MacDiarmada; contribs. incl. Bulmer Hobson (also ed.), Pearse, MacDonagh; and P. S. O’Hegarty; financed by a shilling monthly subscription from membership; suppressed from call to resist British imperialism in World War One, Dec. 1914; other papers of the name appeared in Dublin 1939-44, and Belfast 1951. DIH.

NOTE: Irish Freedom (fl. 1912), ed. Bulmer Hobson, published Kearney’s ‘The Soldier’s Song’ in 1912.

See also FDA3 456 [its fervour for Fenian battle cited in Sean O’Casey’s Drums Under the Window]; 503]; 504 [cited by Bulmer Hobson in Ireland Yesterday and Tomorrow (1968) as advocating a policy of passive resistance, clogging the machinery of Castle Government, subsequently put into operation up to the Treaty]; 524n [Soldier’s Song]; 559 [Hobson biog: the IRB paper, Irish Freedom, founded at his suggestion, who also bore the brunt of the editing work].

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