Irish Monthly, The

1873-1954 (83 vols.); religious magazine edited by Rev. Matthew Russell, S.J., to 1912; contribs. include Denis Florence McCarthy, Aubrey De Vere, T. D. Sullivan; literary contributions during the Revival from Alice Curtayne, Francis McManus, Katherine Tynan, W. B. Yeats, and others. DIH

Mangan’s Autobiography first appeared in Irish Monthly during 1882 (rep. in Poets and Poetry of Munster, 3rd ed. 1884).

Seamus Deane, gen. ed., Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (Derry: Field Day Co. 1991), Vol. 2: Aodh de Blacam writes provocative column for the catholic periodical The Irish Monthly; Moore returned to Ireland .. was asked by his friends to write some shories that might be translated into Irish so as to provide models for young writers in the language revival movement. The stories, undertaken playfully in the first instance, appeared in The Irish Monthly with parallel text in Irish [ed., 1023]

Novels of ME Francis serialised in it, eg., An early work, Molly’s Fortune, serialised in The Irish Monthly in 1889-9O illustrates the growing sophistication of Irish Catholics of her class in a tale of cosmopolitan adventure which exemplifies the harmonization of English and Irish social systems in the polemical novelists.

Margaret Brew, poems and stories contrib. by Brew to Irish Monthly [dated & named in Wolff]; includes ‘An Unknown Hero’, the true story of the eviction of a tenant as a reprisal for his support of O’Connell, Irish Monthly, Feb 1891.

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