Irish Penny Journal, [The]

(July 1840 – June 1841; 1-52), a weekly paper edited by George Petrie, containing original contributions by William Carleton, James Clarence Mangan, John O’Donovan, Edward Walsh. See Dublin Penny Journal; see also Petrie, George, RX.

William Carleton speaks of describing a townland dancing school in ‘Gunn and Cameron’s Irish Penny Journal’ (Autobiography, 1996 Edn., p.106.)

See Seamus Deane, gen. ed., Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (Derry: Field Day Co. 1991), Vol. 2, 6: Mangan as contributor. AND NOTE: George Fox’s ‘The County of Mayo’ appeared there, 1840. [Ex NTRY]

See Barbara Hayley, ‘Irish Periodicals’, in Anglo-Irish Studies, ii, (1976) [pp.83-108], p.102f. ~After a lull, in Penny Journals, 1836-1840, appeared the last of the great [ones], the Irish Penny Journal, highminded, non-denominational, apolitical, founded by Petrie, O’Donovan, Wills, and friends; ‘wholly national and untinctured by the slightest admixture of prejudices either political or sectarian’; ‘the want of a cheap literary publication for the great body of the people of the country, suited to their tastes and habits, combining instruction with amusement, avoiding the exciting anprofitless discussion of political and polemical questions, and placed within reach of their humble means.’ [Hayley’s notes here are out of sequence.] John O’Donovan contrib seven part examination of ‘the origin and meaning of Irish family names.’ In spite of high standard, [it] failed within a year, having made an assault on the English market (reporting that ‘nearly two-thirds of the amount of sales .. have been effected out of Ireland’), and though intended to be ‘almost exclusively Irish’ and in ‘spirit .. wholly [sic] national’, it failed to discover the wide audience that the Nation was soon to prove existed. [~p.103]

Thoemmes Facs. Rep. Catalogue: Irish Penny Journal (1840-41), Edited by George Petrie, the journal features many articles by William Carleton, novelist; James Hardiman, historian; Anna-Maria Hall, novelist; and several illustrations by William Frederick Wakeman. (Thoemmes Facs. Rep. at 422pp.)

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