Irishman, The

NOTE: The Irishman, published Denis Woulfe, trans. (c.1820) of Merriman, Cúirt an Mhéon-Oíche, expurgated version, 1880. [FDA]

NOTE also, The Irishman published Thomas O’Neill Russell’s argument for the revival of Irish in 1858. ALSO: contributors incl. Charles Joseph Kickham.

Also: Seán Pléimann published life of Donnchadh Rua mac Con Mara in The Irishman, 1881.

Founded by Joseph Brenan, The Irishman (Dublin Jan 1849-Aug 1850), the latter on the suppression of the Nation. [McKenna, 1978]

NOte also poems by James Clarence Mangan, et al. in The Irishman. See Chris Morash, The Hungry Voice (1989), notes p.273ff under Mangan, Richard D’Alton Williams; Michael Segrave; Mary Kelly; James Tighe, ‘T.C.D.’ [unknown]; John de Jean Frazer (‘The Last Appeal’), Thomas McGee; John Thomas Rowland, et al.; also anonymous: ‘Be Free’, anon., vol 1, No. 31 (4 Aug. 1849), and ‘Thanatos’, anon. vol 1 No. 18, (5 May 1849).

NOTE: In a sketch for The Irishman of 1849, James Clarence Mangan wrote that Maturin had ‘understood many people [though] no one understood him in any way.’ [Ex Ntry, Maturin, CR]

NOTE, DNB: Smyth, Patrick James (1826-1885): ..escaped to American disguised as drover; planned the escape of John Mitchel; returned to Ireland, 1856; briefly owned ‘The Irishman’; MP, Westmeath, 1871-80; MP Tipperary, 1880-82; lost popularity in Ireland through hostility to Parnell and the Land League.[RX]

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