Leader, The

FDA2: fnd. 1900 by DP Moran [561]; Arthur Clery a leading contributor, argued that nationalism and cosmopolitanism were not contradictory [953]; Moran’s review of A Treasury of Irish Poetry, ed. Brooke & Rolleston [969, 970-75]; organ of Irish-Ireland [998]; Clery wrote under pseud. ‘Chanel’ [1019]; [fnd. 1900, 1026].

FDA3: In 1952 Kavanagh took an action against The Leader newspaper which had published an unflattering profile; this failed but not before he had been publicly humiliated in court [168]; unsigned Profile’ in Oct. 1952; Kavanagh granted retrial but had to go to hospital before date [486n]; Anthony Cronin:’An old-established but attenuated weekly called The Leader was rouging its aged cheeks and decided to do a series of sophisticated profiles of contemporary personalities .. the piece was a typical example of a certain kind of Dublin bad manners, but it was scarcely any more [further descriptive phrases follow, 528-29].

See contributions from Daniel Corkery [Patrick Walsh, MA]; ALSO: Dinneen wrote over a thousand articles for The Leader between 1906 and 1929 [Ex NTRY].

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