New Ireland Review

(1887-94), a monthly magazine covering history, education, economics, politics and literature, first published in Dublin as Lyceum and edited by Fr. Thomas A. Finlay, 1887-88, being joined by William Magennis 1887-94; and later resumed by Fr. Finlay as The New Ireland Review (1894-Feb. 1911; nos. 1-34), its contributors included AE [George Russell], James Cousins, Douglas Hyde, Thomas Kettle, Eoin MacNeill, George Moore, Horace Plunkett, T. W. Rolleston, Fred Ryan, George Sigerson, John M. Synge, John Todhunter, and W. B. Yeats; replaced by Studies (Mar. 1912).

NOTE: Thomas Davis, ftn. to ‘The Young Irishman of the Middle Classes’, lecture to the TCD Historical Society, 1839; reprinted in three installments in The Nation, 1848 [FDA1 1276n]: ‘I would suggest the propriety of forming an Irish Lyceum, with sections for the study of the different branches of philosophy, history, and literature. Sections should be specially devoted to the cultivation of the IRISH language, and to promote a knowledge of Ireland’s natural history, its statistic and civil history, and its native literature. I have spoken to many persons about it, and all thought the plan feasible.’ [There is no evidence however that the magzine of the above name ensued from this suggestion.] Note slightly variant dates in James H. Murphy, Catholic Fiction and Social Reality in Ireland, 1873-1922 (Conn: Greenwood Press 1997), p.48 [note to Finlay]: 1887-1893; 1893-1911; 1912- .

CATL, H- B-, Letter from Ireland reprinted from the New Ireland Review (1902) [Hyland 220; Jan. 1996]

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