Workers’ Republic, The

1898; fnd. James Connolly, Aug. 1898, organ of Socialist Republican Party, and preoduced irregularily; second series May Dec. 1899, premisses being smashed by DMP following pro-Boer rally; revived May 1900; further series Oct. 1900-Jan. 1902, and March-June 1903; revived following collapse of The Irish Worker, in May 1915-1916; a paper of the same name ed. by Roderic Connolly, 1921-22.

FDA3 456 [see Irish Worker, supra], Connolly’s paper, suppressed, Feb 1915, attacked Irish Volunteers for middle-class attitudes [505n]; [Connolly’s ‘Parnellism and Labour’, in Irish review, 8 Oct 1898, 719]; [‘A War for Civilisation’, do., 30 Oct 1915, 730]; ‘The Irish Flag’, do., 8 Apr 1916, 732]; [err. 810, recte 809, Connolly biog; fnd. Workers’ Republic, [1896]; revived it after the suppression of The Irish Worker in 1914; attacked inactivity of Volunteers.

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