Sister Una Agnew, The Mystical Imagination of Patrick Kavanagh (Dublin: Columbia Press 1998) - Selected Bibliography, pp.262ff.

Note: Other than the ‘Primary Sources’, bibliographical items listed here have been been chiefly selected on the basis that they are not represented in the previously existing listing in RICORSO, though many of these have now been copied to that record.

Primary Sources
1. Poetry
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2. Prose
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  • Kavanagh’s Weekly, with Peter Kavanagh, Newbridge, Ireland: The Goldsmith Press, 1981.
  • Self-Portrait, Dublin: Dolmen Press, 1964, from a Telefis Pirearm documentary, produced by Jim Fitzgerald, October 30,1962.
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3. Letters
  • Kavanagh, Peter ed., Lapped Furrows, Correspondence between Patrick and Peter Kavanagh 1933-67, New York: The Peter Kavanagh Hand Press, 1969.
  • Kavanagh, Peter, ed ., Love’s Tortured Headland, New York: The Peter Kavanagh Hand Press, 1978.
4. Contributions to Newspapers, Journals in order of publication
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  • Kavanagh, Peter, Garden of the Golden Apples, New York: The Peter Kavanagh Hand Press, 1972. - ‘An Annotated Bibliography of Patrick Kavanagh’, Patrick Kavanagh: Man and Poet. Newbridge, Ireland: The Goldsmith Press, 1987, pp. 393-450.
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Secondary Sources [unfamiliar references or editions only given here]
Works of Biographical Interest [excl. works by Peter Kavanagh, given in Criticism, supra]
  • Barry, Michael, By Pen and Pulpit: The Life and Times of the Author Canon Sheehan, Cork: Saturn Books, 1990.
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Articles in Books, Newspapers and Periodicals.
  • Anonymous [Valentin Iremonger,], ‘Profile: Patrick Kavanagh’, The Leader, October 11, 1952, pp. 8-12.
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Manuscripts [NLI, &c.]
  • [none selected].
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Unpublished Material
  • Bardwell, Leland, ‘One Autumn Day: Women in Kavanagh’s Work and Life’, paper read at Kavanagh’s Yearly, Carrickmacross, 1986.
  • Cronin, Anthony. ‘Kavanagh from Patmos’, keynote address given at Kavanagh’s Yearly, November 24,1989.
  • Deane, Raymond, ‘November Songs’, based on six poems by Patrick Kavanagh first sung by Ms Collete Mc Gahon, Kavanagh’s Yearly, November 24,1990.
  • Deane, Seamus,’Kavanagh: Naming the Place’, keynote address given at KavanaglYs Yearly, Carrickmacross, November 23,1990.
  • Durcan, Paul, ‘The Mystery of Lough Derg’, Poetry reading and commentary given at Kavanagh’s Yearly, November 23,1985.
  • Eliade, Mircea, ‘Personal Notes’ taken at Lecture sponsored by the Psychology Dept., Duquesne University Pittsburgh, February, 1973.
  • Harding, Michael, ‘When the Angel Woos: The Movings of Mystery through a Writer’s Work’, paper read at Kavanagh’s Yearly, Carrickmacross, November 28, 1987.
  • Howlett, Michael, The Human Condition in The Writings of Patrick Kavanagh (1904-1967): A Theological Exploration, Unpublished Doctoral Thesis, Gregorian University, Rome, October, 1990.
  • Jordan, John, ‘A Biographical and Bibliographical Reminiscence of the Poet’, keynote address at Kavanagh’s Yearly, November 23, 1984.
  • MacIntyre, Tom, and Patrick Mason, ‘Staging the Great Hunger’, talk given at Kavanagh Yearly’s, Carrickmacross, November, 1984.
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  • Stack, Thomas G., Ordinary Plenty: Patrick Kavanagh and the Catholic Imagination, Unpublished M. Theol. Thesis, Harvard University, May, 1986.

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