Richard N. Coe, Beckett [Writers and Critics, gen. Eds, A . N. Jeffares and R. C. L. Lorimer] (Edinburgh & London: Oliver & Boyd 1964; rev. edn. 1968), 120pp.

All editions cited in the text or references are marked. The translations (into French or English) are by Beckett himself unless otherwise stated. S.B. = Samuel Beckett.

Works originally written in English
1. Verse
Whoroscope. Paris (The Hours Press) 1930. Reprinted in Poems in English.
Echo’s Bones and Other Precipitates. Paris (Europa Press) 1935. Reprinted in Poems in English and in Gedichte- see also: Dublin Magazine, Vl, 4, Oct.-Dec. 1931; Transition, No. 24, June 1936; Evergreen Review, 1, 1, 1957.
Poems in English. London (Calder) 1961. New York (Grove Press) 1962.

Miscellaneous, minor and isolated poems: See Crowder, H., Henry-Music, Paris (The Hours Press) 1930; Putnam, S., Reavey, G., and Bronowski, J. (eds.), The European Caravan, New York (Brewer, Warren & Putnam) 1931, pp.475-80; The New Review (Paris), 1, 3, Aug.-Oct. 1931, pp.98-9; Contempo (Chapel Hill, N.C.), m, 15 Feb. 1934; Dublin Magazine, IX, 3, July-Sept. 1934, p.8 and Xl, 4, Oct.-Dec. 1936; Eransition, Nos. 19-20, June 1930, pp.242-3 and No. 27, April-May 1938, p. 33; Guggenheim, P., Out of this Century, New York 1946, p. 205.

2. Short-Stories and Novels
“Assumption.” Transition, Nos. 16-17, June 1929, pp.268-71. Reprinted in Transition Workshop, New York, 1949, pp.41-3.
“Sedendo et Quiesciendo” [sic]. Transition, No. 21, Mar. 1932, pp.13-20. (Extract from the unpublished novel, Dream of Fair to Middling Women.)
More Pricks than Kicks. London (Chatto & Windus) 1934. Two stories from this collection printed separately: (X) Dante and the Lobster: in This Quarter (Paris), Dec. 1932, pp.222-36 and in Evergreen Review, 1, 1, 1957, pp.24-36; Yellow: in Jew World Writing (New York), No. 10, Nov. 1956, pp.108-19.
“A Case in a Thousand.” The Bookman, LXXVI, 515, Aug. 1934, pp.241-42.
Murphy. London (Routledge) 1938. Reprinted New York (Grove Press) 1957; London (Calder) 1963. French translation (by S.B. and Alfred Peron), Paris (Bordas) 1947; (Minuit) 1953 and reprints.
Watt (written 1942-4). Paris (Olympia) 1953; 2nd edn., 1958. Reprinted, New York (Grove Press) 1959; London (Calder) 1961. Variant extracts in: Envoy (Dublin), 1, 2, Jan. 1950, pp.11-19; Irish Writing (Cork), Nos. 17 (Dec. 1951, pp.11-16) and 22 (Mar. 1953, pp.16 24); Malin (Paris), 1, 3, Winter 1952-3, pp.118-26. No French translation.
From an Abandoned Work (B.B.C. Third Programme, 14 Dec. 1957). Evergreen Review, 1, 3, 1957, pp.83 91; London (Faber) 1958. See also Erinity ;News (Dublin), m, 17, 1956, p. 4. French translation by S.B. and Ludovic and Agnes Janvier: D’un Ouvrage abandonné, in Têtes-Mortes, Paris (Minuit) 1967, pp.9-30.

3. Plays for Stage, Radio and Television, etc.
All That Fall (B.B.C. Third Programme, 13 Jan. 1957). London (Faber) 1957- New York (Grove Press) 1960. French translation by S.B. and Robert Pinget, Tous ceux qui tombent: in Les Lettres ;Nouvelles, No. 47, Mar. 1957; Paris (Minuit) 1957.
Krapp’s Last Tape (Royal Court Theatre, 28 Oct. 1958). Evergreen Review, no. 5, 1958, pp.13-24; London (Faber) 1959; New York (Grove Press) 1960. French translation by S.B. and Pierre Leyris: La Dernière Bande. Paris (Minuit) 1959. Operatic version: Krapp ou la dernière Bande (music by Marcel Mihalovici), Theatre des Nations, 13 Feb. 1961.
Embers (B.B.C. Third Programme, 24June 1959). London (Faber) 1959; Evergreen Review, m, lo, Nov.-Dec. 1959, pp.28-41; New York (Grove Press) 1960. French translation by S.B. and Robert Pinget: Cendres. Paris (Minuit) 1959. See also Les Lettres Jouvelles, n.s., Nos. X (4 March 1959, pp.5-13) and 36 (30 Dec. 1959, pp.3-14).
Happy Days (Cherry Lane Theatre, New York, 17 Sept. 1961). New York (Grove Press) 1961; London (Faber) 1962; also in Plays and Play[as] (London), Nov. 1962. French translation: Oh les beaux jours. Paris (Minuit) 1963.
Words and Music (B.B.C. Third Programme, 13 Nov. 1962, music by John Beckett). Evergreen Review, No. 27, Nov.-Dec. 1962, pp.34-43; London (Faber) 1964 (in Play and Two Short Pieces for Radio, pp.25-36). French translation: Paroles et Musique. Paris (Minuit) 1966 (in Comédie et Actes divers, pp.61-78).
Play (first performed in German, Ulmer-Theater, Ulm, 14 Jan. 1963: Spiel, trans. Elmer Tophoven). London (Faber) 1964. French translation: Come’die. Paris (Minuit) 1966.
Film (directed by Alan Schneider, 1964, with Buster Keaton: Venice Film Festival, Aug. 1965). London (Faber) 1967 (basic scenario only: in Eh Joe, pp.29-44).
Eh Joe (B.B.C. Television, 4 July 1966). London (Faber) 1967. French translation: Dis Joe. Paris (Minuit) 1966 (in Comédies et Actes divers, pp.79-92).
Come and Go (first performed in German Schiller-Theater, Berlins 1966). London (Calder & Boyars) 1967. French translation: Va et vient. Paris (Minuit) 1966 (in Comedie et Actes divers, pp.37-44).

4. Criticism, Reviews and Miscellaneous
“Dante...Bruno. Vico...Joyce,” in Our Exagmination round his Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress. Paris (Shakespeare & Co.) 1929, pp.3-22; reprinted, London (Faber) 1961. See also transition, Nos. 16 17,June 1929, pp.242-53.
“Che Sciagura.” In T.C.D., A College Miscellany, xxxvi, 622, 14 Nov. 1929, p.42.
“The Possessed” (parody). In T.C.D. [Miscellany], xxxvii, 648, 12 March 1931, p.138.
Proust. London (Chatto & Windus) 1931. Reprinted, New York (Grove Press) 1957; London (Calder) 1958; (in Proust and Ehree Dialogues) 1965.
“Text.” The New Review, n, 5, April 1932, p. 57. (Extract from the unpublished Dream of Fair to Middling Women).
Three Dialogues with Georges Duthuit (on Tal Coat, Masson and Bram van Velde). In ‘Transition Forty-Nine, No. 5, pp.97-103. Reprinted, London (Calder) 1965, in Proust and Three Dialogues. See also (extracts): Bulitin Galerie Michel Warren, May 1957; Nouvelle N.R.F., No. 54, x June 1957, pp.11254.
Fourteen Letters (S.B. to Alan Schneider). The Village Voice (New York), 19 March 1958, p.8.
Reviews, Miscellaneous. See The Criterion, xiii, 1934, p.705 (on Rilke) Dublin Magazine, ix, 3, July-Sept. lg34, pp.79-80 (on McGreevy); xi, 3, July-Sept. 1935, pp.80-81 (on J. B. Yeats); The Bookman, lxxxvii, 1934, pp.10, 14, 111 (on Poumd, Papini and O’Casey); Transition, No. 27, April-May 1938, pp.289-94 (on D. Devlin).

5. Translations into English
Negro: An Anthology. Compiled by Nancy Cunard. London (Wishart & Co.) 1934. Contains 19 passages trans. by S.B.
Anthology of Mexican Poetry. Compiled by Octavio Paz, preface by C. M. Bowra. (Indiana U.P.), 1958, London (Thames & Hudson) 1958.
The Old Tune (B.B.C. Third Programme, 21 Aug. 1960). trans. Of La Manivelle, by Robert Pinget. Paris (Minuit) 1960 (bilingual text).
Miscellaneous (from Italian or French). See: Ws Quarter (Paris), April-June 1930, pp.630, 672, 675-83; Sept. 1932, pp.72-6, 86-98, 119-28, 15-65; Transition, No.21, Mar. 1932,pp.148-49; Verve (Paris), IX, Nos. 33-4, 1956.

B. Works originally written in French
“Poemes 38-39.” In Temps Modernes, No. 14, Nov. 1946, pp.288-93; rep. in Gedichte, pp.53-77.
“Trois Poemes.” In Transition Forty-Eight (bilingual text), pp.96-97; rep. in Poems in English; in Gedichte (pp.80-90); in Poetry Ireland (Cork), No. 5, April 1949, p.8.
“Trois Poemes.” In Cahiers des Saisons, No. 2, Oct. 1955, pp.115-6; rep. in Gedichte, 5; Gedichte (contains Echo’s Bones and all the French poems); Wiesbaden (Limes-Verlag) 1959.

2. Short-Stories and Novel
Mercier et Camier (novel, written c. 1945). Unpublished. Extracts: “Madden” and “The Umbrella” (trans. H. Kenner and R. Federman) in Spectrum, 1, Winter 1960, pp.3-11.
“Suite.” Original version of “La Fin.” Les ‘remps Modernes, No. vo, July 1946, pp.107-19.
Molloy. Paris (Minuit) 1951. Reprinted in Collection 1e18, 1963. Eng. translation bv S.B. and Patrick Bowles, Paris (Olympia) 1955. Reprinted New York (Grove Press) 1955; in Three Novels, London (Calder) 1959; Fragments and Yariants in: Eransition Ffty, pp.103-5; Merlin (Paris), n, 2, 1953, pp.88-103; Paris Review, No. 5, Spring 1954, pp.124-35; New World Writing, No. 5, April 1954, pp.316-23.
Malone Meurt. Paris (Minuit) 1951. Eng. translation: Malone Dies. New York (Grove Press) 1956; London (Calder) 1958, reprinted m Three Novels, 1959. Penguin Books, 1962. Fragments and Variants: Transition Fifty, pp.103-5; Les Temps Modernes, Sept. 1951, p. 385 ff.; Irish Writing, Spring 1956.
L’Innommable. Paris (Minuit) 1953. Eng. trans.: The Unnamable. New York (Grove Press) 1958, reprinted in Three Novels, 1960; London (Calder), in Three Novels, 1959.
Jouvelles et textes pour Rien. Paris (Minuit) I955. Contains: “La Fin”; “L’Expulse”; “Le Calmatif’; and a series of “Texts for Nothing”- another story, “Premier Amour,” remains unpublished. “La Fin,” trans. by S.B. and Richard Seaver as “The End,” in Evergreen Review, No. 15, Nov.-Dec. 1960, pp.22-41. “The Expelled,” trans. by S.B. and Richard Seaver, in Evergreen Review, No. 22, Jan.-Feb. 1962, pp.8-20. “Text for Nothing I,” in Evergreen Review, No. 9, Summer 1959, pp.21-4. Collected edition under title: No’s Knife: London (Calder & Boyars) 1966.
Comment C’est. Paris (Minuit) 1961. Eng. trans., How It Is, New York (Grove Press) 1964; London (Calder & Boyars) 1964. Extracts and variants in: X (London), No. 1, Nov. 1959, pp.35-7; Evergreen Review, No. 14, Sep.-Oct. 1960, pp.58-65, under title: “From an Unabandoned Work”; LVII (Brussels), No. 1, Summer 1960, pp.g-13.
Imagination morte imaginez. Paris (Minuit) 1965. Reprinted in  Tètes-Mortes, Paris (Minuit) 1967, pp.49-57. Eng. trans.: Imagination dead Imagine, London (Calder & Boyars) 1966.
Bing. Paris (Minuit) 1966. Reprinted in  Tètes-Mortes, Paris (Minuit) 1967, pp.59-66. Eng. trans.: Ping, London (Calder & Boyars) 1967.
Assez. Paris (Minuit) 1967: in   Tètes-Mortes, pp.31-48.

3. Plays for Stage and Radio; Mimes
Eleuthin. 3 acts, unpublished. Written c.1947-48.
En attendant Godot. (Theatre Babylone, 5 Jan. 1953). Paris (Minuit) 1952. Eng. trans.: Waiting for Godot, New York (Grove Press) 1954; London (Faber) 1956. Numerous reprints. Definitive edition, 1965.
Fin de Partie. (Royal Court Theatre, London, in French, 3 April 1957). Paris (Minuit3 1957. Eng. trans.: Endgame, London (Faber) 1958; New York (Grove Press) 1958.
Aete sans Paroles I (mime: music by John Beckett; Royal Court Theatre, 3 April 1957). Paris (Minuit) 1957, together with Fin de Partie. Eng. trans.: Aet without Words I, London (Faber) and New York (Grove Press) 1958 (together with Endgame).
Acte sans Paroles 11 (mime: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Jan. I 960) . Paris (Minuit) 1966, in Comedie et Actes divers, pp.g3-g. Eng. trans.: Act without Words II, in New Departures, No. 1, Summer 1959, pp.8g-go; reprinted New York (Grove Press) 1960 (together with Krapp’s Last Eape); London (Faber) 1967 (in Eh Joe and other Writings, pp.23-28).
Cascando (Radio-play: O.R.T.F., 13 Oct. 1963; music by Marcel Mihalovici). Paris (Minuit) 1966 (in et Actes divers, pp.45-60). Eng. trans.: Cascando, in Evergreen Review, No. 30, May-June 1963, pp.47-57; reprinted London (Faber) 1964, in Play and Two Short Pieces for Radio, pp.37-48.

Brown Van Velde, by S.B., Georges Duthuit and Jacques Putman. Paris (Musée de Poche) 1958. Edition de luxe, with variant text, Turin (Fratelli Pozzo) and Paris (Guy le Prat) 1961. Eng. trans.: New York (Grove Press: Evergreen Gallery Book) 1960. Contains various items by S.B. previously published elsewhere, including extracts from the Ehree Dialogues (g.v.), from “La Peinture des van Velde ou le Monde et le Pantalon” (Les Cahiers d’Art, Paris, 1945-6, pp.349-56), and from “Peintres de l’Empechement” (Dèrriere le Miroir, Nos. 1 l and 12, Paris, June 1948, pp.3, 4 and 7).

5. Translation into French
Anna Livia Plurabelle (fragment of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, translated under Joyce’s supervision by S.B., A. Peron, I. Goll, E. Jolas, Ph. Soupault and others. Nouvelle Revue Française, No. 212, May 193l, pp.633-46. Rep. in Soupault, Ph[illipe], Souvenirs de James Joyce, Algiers (Charlot) 1943, pp.73-90; and Finnegans Wake, fragments adapté par A. du Bouchet, etc., Paris (Gallimard) 1962, pp.87-102.


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