John P. Frayne & Madeleine Marchaterre, eds., The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats, Volume IX: ‘Early Articles and Reviews Uncollected Articles and Reviews Written Between 1886 and 1900’ (NY: Scribner’s & Sons 2004), 672pp.

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Articles and Reviews by W. B. Yeats

1. ‘The Poetry of Sir Samuel Ferguson - I’, The Irish Fireside, 9 Oct. 1886;
2. ‘The Poetry of Sir Samuel Ferguson - II’, The Dublin University Review, Nov. 1886;
3. ‘The Poetry of R. D. Joyce’, The Irish Fireside, 27 Nov. and 4 Dec. 1886;
4. ‘Clarence Mangan (1803-1849)’, The Irish Fireside, 12 March 1887;
5. A fragment of ‘Finn MacCool’ from The Gael, 23 April 1887;
6. ‘The Celtic Romances in Miss Tynan’s New Book’ (review of Shamrocks), The Gael, 11 June 1887;
7. ‘Miss Tynan’s New Book’ (review of Shamrocks), The Irish Fireside, 9 July 1887;
8. ‘The Prose and Poetry of Wilfred Blunt’ (review of Love Songs of Proteus), United Ireland, 28 Jan. 1888;
9. ‘Irish Fairies, Ghosts, Witches, etc.’, Lucifer, 15 Jan. 1889;
10. ‘Irish Wonders’ (review of D. R. McAnally’s book), The Scots Observer, 30 March 1889;
11. ‘John Todhunter’, The Magazine of Poetry (Buffalo), April 1889 86;
12. ‘William Carleton’ (review of Red-Haired Man’s Wife), The Scots Observer, 19 Oct. 1889;
13. ‘Popular Ballad Poetry of Ireland’, The Leisure Hour, Nov. 1889;
14. ‘Bardic Ireland’ (review of S. Bryant’s Celtic Ireland), The Scots Observer, 4 Jan. 1890;
15. ‘Tales from the Twilight’ (review of Lady Wilde’s Ancient Cures), The Scots Observer, 1 March 1890;
16. ‘Irish Fairies’, The Leisure Hour, Oct. 1890;
17. ‘Irish Folk Tales’ (review of D. Hyde’s Beside the Fire), The National Observer, 28 Feb. 1891;
18. ‘ Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling’ (review of G. E. Leland’s book), The National Observer, 18 April 1891;
19. ‘Plays by an Irish Poet’ (review of J. Todhunter’s A Sicilian Idyll), United Ireland, 11 July 1891;
20. ‘Clarence Mangan’s Love Affair’, United Ireland, 22 Aug. 1891;
21. ‘A Reckless Century. Irish Rakes and Duellists’, United Ireland, 12 Sept. 1891;
22. ‘Oscar Wilde’s Last Book’ (review of Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime), United Ireland, 26 Sept. 1891;
23. ‘The Young Ireland League’, United Ireland, 3 Oct. 1891;
24. ‘A Poet We Have Neglected’ (review of W. Allingham’s collected poems), United Ireland, 12 Dec. 1891;
25. ‘Poems by Miss Tynan’ (review of Ballads and Lyrics), Evening Herald (Dublin), 2 Jan. 1892;
26. ‘The New ‘Speranza’’ (article on Maud Gonne), United Ireland, 16 Jan. 1892;
27. ‘Dr. Todhunter’s Irish Poems’ (review of The Banshee), United Ireland, 23 Jan. 1892;
28. ‘Clovis Hugues on Ireland’, United Ireland, 30 Jan. 1892;
29. ‘Sight and Song’ (review of M. Field’s book), The Bookman, July 1892;
30. ‘Some New Irish Books’ (review of books by G. Savage-Armstrong, W. Larminie, and R. J. Reilly), United Ireland, 23 July 1892;
31. ‘Dublin Scholasticism and Trinity College’, United Ireland, 30 July 1892;
32. ‘A New Poet’ (review of E. J. Ellis’s Fate in Arcadia),The Bookman, Sept. 1892;
33. ‘’Noetry’ and Poetry’ (review of G. Savage-Armstrong’s collected poems), The Bookman, Sept. 1892;
34. ‘Invoking the Irish Fairies’, The Irish Theosophist, Oct. 1892;
35. ‘Hopes and Fears for Irish Literature’, United Ireland, 15 Oct. 1892;
36. ‘The Death of Oenone’ (review of Tennyson’s poems), The Bookman, Dec. 1892;
37. ‘ The Vision of MacConglinne ‘ (review of K. Meyer’s edition), The Bookman, Feb. 1893;
38. ‘ The Wandering Jew ‘ (review of R. Buchanan’s poem), The Bookman, April 1893;
39. ‘A Bundle of Poets’ (review of A. H. Hallam’s poems, etc.), The Speaker, 22 July 1893;
40. ‘The Writings of William Blake’ (review of L. Housman’s selection), The Bookman, Aug. 1893;
41. ‘The Message of the Folk-lorist’ (article, and review of T. F. Dyer’s The Ghost World), The Speaker, 19 Aug. 1893;
42. ‘Two Minor Lyrists’ (review of poems by J. D. Hosken and Fenil Haig [F. M. Ford]), The Speaker, 26 Aug. 1893;
43. ‘Old Gaelic Love Songs’ (review of D. Hyde’s Love Songs of Connacht), The Bookman, Oct. 1893;
44. ‘The Ainu’ (review of B. D. Howard’s Life with Trans-Siberian Savages), The Speaker, 7 Oct. 1893;
45. ‘Reflections and Refractions’ (review of C. Weekes’s poems), The Academy, 4 Nov. 1893;
46. ‘Seen in Three Days’ (review of E. J. Ellis’s poem), The Bookman, Feb. 1894;
47. ‘A Symbolical Drama in Paris’ (review of Villiers de L’Isle-Adam’s Axël), The Bookman, April 1894;
48. ‘The Evangel of Folk-lore’ (review of W. Larminie’s West Irish Folk Tales), The Bookman, June 1894;
49. ‘A New Poet’ (review of AE’s Homeward, Songs by the Way), The Bookman, Aug. 1894;
50. ‘Some Irish National Books’ (review of books by M. MacDermott, E. M. Lynch, and C. O’Kelly), The Bookman, Aug. 1894;
51. ‘An Imaged World’ (review of E. Garnett’s prose poems), The Speaker, 8 Sept. 1894;
52. ‘The Stone and the Elixir’ (review of F. E. Garrett’s translation of H. Ibsen’s Brand), The Bookman, Oct. 1894;
53. ‘Battles Long Ago’ (review of S. O’Grady’s The Coming of Cuculain), The Bookman, Feb. 1895;
54. ‘An Excellent Talker’ (review of O. Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance), The Bookman, March 1895;
55. ‘Dublin Mystics’ (review of AE’s Homeward, Songs by the Way, 2nd ed., and J. Eglinton’s Two Essays on the Remnant), The Bookman, May 1895;
56. ‘The Story of Early Gaelic Literature’ (review of D. Hyde’s history), The Bookman, June 1895;
57. ‘Irish National Literature, I: From Callanan to Carleton’, The Bookman, July 1895;
58. ‘The Three Sorrows of Story-telling’ (review of D. Hyde’s translation), The Bookman, July 1895;
59. ‘Irish National Literature, II: Contemporary Prose Writers’, The Bookman, Aug. 1895;
60. ‘That Subtle Shade’ (review of A. Symons’s London Nights), The Bookman, Aug. 1895;
61. ‘Irish National Literature, III: Contemporary Irish Poets’, The Bookman, Sept. 1895;
62. ‘Irish National Literature, IV: A List of the Best Irish Books’, The Bookman, Oct. 1895;
63. ‘The Life of Patrick Sarsfield’ (review of J. Todhunter’s biography), The Bookman, Nov. 1895;
64. ‘The Chain of Gold’ (review of S. O’Grady’s book), The Bookman, Nov. 1895;
65. ‘William Carleton’ (review of Carleton’s autobiography), The Bookman, March 1896;
66. ‘William Blake’ (review of R. Garnett’s book), The Bookman, April 1896;
67. ‘An Irish Patriot’ (review of Lady Ferguson’s biography of Sir Samuel Ferguson), The Bookman, May 1896;
68. ‘The New Irish Library’ (review of books by R. A. King, J. F. Taylor, and C. G. Duffy), The Bookman, June 1896;
69. ‘William Carleton’ (review of Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry), The Bookman (New York), Aug. 1896;
70. ‘Greek Folk Poesy’ (review of L. Garnett’s collection), The Bookman, Oct. 1896;
71. ‘The Well at the World’s End’ (review of W. Morris’s romance), The Bookman, Nov. 1896;
72. ‘Miss Fiona Macleod as a Poet’ (review of Macleod’s [William Sharp’s] From the Hills of Dream), The Bookman, Dec. 1896;
73. ‘Young Ireland’ (review of C. G. Duffy’s book), The Bookman, Jan. 1897;
74. ‘Mr. John O’Leary’ (review of O’Leary’s Recollections of Fenians and Fenianism), The Bookman, Feb. 1897;
75. ‘Mr. Arthur Symons’ New Book’ (review of Amoris Victima), The Bookman, April 1897;
76. ‘Miss Fiona Macleod’ (review of Macleod’s [William Sharp’s] Spiritual Tales, Tragic Romances and Barbaric Tales), The Sketch, 28 April 1897;
77. ‘The Treasure of the Humble’ (review of Maeterlinck’s book), The Bookman, July 1897;
78. ‘Mr. Standish O’Grady’s Flight of the Eagle’, The Bookman, Aug. 1897;
79. ‘Bards of the Gael and the Gall’ (review of G. Sigerson’s book), The Illustrated London News, 14 Aug. 1897;
80. ‘Aglavaine and Sélysette’ (review of Maeterlinck’s play), The Bookman, Sept. 1897;
81. ‘The Tribes of Danu’, The New Review, Nov. 1897;
82. ‘Three Irish Poets’ (article on AE, Nora Hopper, and Lionel Johnson), The Irish Homestead, Dec. 1897;
83. ‘The Prisoners of the Gods’, The Nineteenth Century, Jan. 1898;
84. ‘Mr. Lionel Johnson’s Poems’ (review of Ireland, with Other Poems), The Bookman, Feb. 1898;
85. ‘Mr. Rhys’ Welsh Ballads’, The Bookman, April 1898;
86. ‘The Broken Gates of Death’, The Fortnightly Review, April 1898;
87. ‘ Le Mouvement Celtique: Fiona Macleod’ (article with a review of The Laughter of Peterkin), L’Irlande Libre, 1 April 1898;
88. ‘AE’s Poems’ (review of The Earth Breath), The Sketch, 6 April 1898;
89. ‘ Le Mouvement Celtique: II. M. John O’Leary’, L’Irlande Libre, 1 June 1898;
90. ‘Celtic Beliefs About the Soul’ (review of Meyer’s translation of The Voyage of Bran), The Bookman, Sept. 1898;
91. ‘John Eglinton and Spiritual Art’, The Daily Express (Dublin), 29 Oct. 1898, reprinted in Literary Ideals in Ireland, 1899;
92. ‘A Symbolic Artist and the Coming of Symbolic Art’, The Dome, Dec. 1898;
93. ‘High Crosses of Ireland’, The Daily Express (Dublin), 28 Jan. 1899;
94. ‘Notes on Traditions and Superstitions’, Folk-lore, March 1899;
95. ‘The Irish Literary Theatre’, Literature, 6 May 1899;
96. ‘ The Dominion of Dreams’ (review of Macleod’s book), The Bookman, July 1899;
97. ‘Ireland Bewitched’, The Contemporary Review, Sept. 1899;
98. ‘The Literary Movement in Ireland’, The North American Review, Dec. 1899, reprinted in Ideals in Ireland, 1901.

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