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This region of the Ricorso is devoted to images of writers, artists and historical figures as well as works of visual art, book-covers and bindings. The materials held to be placed here have been accumulated sporadically in the course of browsing and research rather than systematically gathered. Copyright issues relating to them, if any, have yet to be resolved and hence the absence of index items or links in many cases. The undisclosed holding of portraits, &c., in Ricorso is now in excess of 300 hundred.

Irish Authors
Maeve Brennan
Francis Hutcheson
James Clarence Mangan

Political & Historical Figures
Sir John Blacquiere
Matthew Carey
Roger Casement
George Macartney (Earl)
Daniel Murray (Archb.)
Henry Joy McCracken
Bobby Sands (funeral)
Luke Wadding
Wellesley (Duke Wellington)

Title pages & illustrations

“The Sisters” (James Joyce)
Tales Told of Shem and Shaun (James Joyce)

Traits & Stories (William Carleton)
History of Ireland (Mary Cusack)
The Purcell Papers (Sheridan Le Fanu)

Tomorrow (Francis Stuart)
Poems (Richard D’Alton Williams)

Manuscripts & facsimiles
Austin Clarke
John Millington Synge

Artists & their works
Louis le Brocquy
Paul Henry
Albert Power
Francis Wheatley

Landscape & Architecture
Castletown House (Co. Kildare)
Custom House (Dublin)
Four Courts (Dublin)
Royal Exchange (Dublin)
Edgworthstown Manor (Longford)

Videos & Screenshots
Kennelly & Heaney on Patrick Kavanagh

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