English Studies Links*

Annotated Bibliography for English Studies

Fee-based online bibliographical tool dedicated to English [incl. Irish in English] Studies

English Subject Centre Database Database of pedagogic resources for English teaching at all levels.

Arts and Humanities Data Service

An online facility enabling quick searches for materials across a wide range of sources

Council for College and University English

Representative body for higher education UK departments in English Lang. & Literature

English Association

Study and teaching of English & its literatures at all levels

European Society for the Study of English

European federation of national higher educational associations for the study of English

Fund for the Development of Teaching Projects in English

Supports projects that promote developments in teaching & learning across the higher education sector


Americanisation, Cultural Theory & Teaching of American Studies

Assessing English

Assessment and the Expanded Text


Development of University English Teaching.


Personal and Academic Development for Students in Higher Education


Powerful Online Humanities database of annotated/reviewed internet resources for research & teaching [provided by RDN]

The Institute for English Studies

A programme of the School of Advanced Study, University of London, that seeks to facilitate research in English Studies.

National Association for the Teaching of English

UK teacher association for all aspects of English from pre-school to university.

National Teaching Fellows Scheme.

HEFCE Initiative to recognise & reward individual academics who demonstrate excellence in teaching & learning support

Oxford Text Archive

Collection of electronic texts for research & teaching

*Derived from the CCUE Website

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