“The Poets’ Corner” - Irish Poetry Listings

[ Source: “The Poets’ Corner” at The Other Pages - online; accessed 24.09.2010. The site includes, amongst English, American and Canadian, the following Irish poets. ]

A.E. (George William Russell)
from Homeward: Songs by the Way [1894]:
- By the Margins of the Great Deep
- The Hermit
- Inheritance
from The Earth Breath [1897]:
- Parting
from New Poems [1904]:
- Reconciliation
from By Still Waters: Lyrical Poems Old and New [1906]:
- Dana
- Remembrance
- Reflections
- Forgiveness
- Blindness
- The Vesture of the Soul
- The Twilight of Earth
- The Parting of Ways
- Song: Dusk its ash-grey blossoms sheds on violet skies
- The Virgin Mother

Cecil Frances Alexander
from Hymns for Little Children [1848]:
- All things bright and beauteous

William Allingham
from Poems [1850]:
- The Fairies (BB)
Amy Margaret’s Five Years Old [1882]
from Blackberries [1884]:
- Writing (NM)
- Meadowsweet (NM)
from Flower Pieces and Other Poems [1888]:
- An Evening (NM)
- Half-waking
- Robin Redbreast

Joseph Campbell (Seosamh MacCathmhaoil; occas. Joseph McCahill)
- The Old Woman [1919]
- I Am the Mountainy Singer [1919]
- Fires [1923]

Padraic Colum
- The Plougher [1920]
- An Old Woman of the Roads [1920]

George Darley
- It Is Not Beauty I Demand
- The Mermaidens’ Vesper Hymn
- The Phoenix

Oliver St. John Gogarty
- Earth and Sea [1923]

Oliver Goldsmith
- The Deserted Village (BB)
- The Traveller (BB)
- Memory (BB)
- The Hermit (BB)
- An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog (BB)
- When Lovely Woman Stoops to Folly (NM)
- Parson Gray

Eva Gore-Booth
from The Sword of Justice [1918]:
- The Waves of Breffny
- Walls
- Harvest

Robert Graves
- A Pinch of Salt [1921]
- Rocky Acres [1921]
- The Lost Love [1921]

Douglas Hyde
- I shall not die for thee

James Joyce
Chamber Music - a book of 36 poems [1907]
selections from Chamber Music:
- Strings in the earth
- In the dark pine-wood
- I hear an army

Henry F. Lyte [listed as Scottish hymnist]
- Abide With Me (BB)

Thomas MacDonagh
- The Stars Stand Up in the Air

James Clarence Mangan
- A Lamentation for the Death of Sir Maurice Fitzgerald (BB)
- Siberia
- Shapes and Signs
- Dark Rosaleen
- O’Hussey’s Ode to the Maguire
- Kathaleen Ny-Houlahan

Thomas Moore
from Odes and Epistles [1806]:
- The Lake of the Dismal Swamp
Irish Melodies (in 10 parts) [1808-1834], a collection of 124 poems by Moore
from Irish Melodies:
- Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (BB)
- ’Tis The Last Rose of Summer (BB)
- The Minstrel Boy (BB)
- The Harp That Once Through Tara’s Halls (BB)
- The Young May Moon (BB)
- Go where Glory waits thee (BB)
- She is Far from the Land (BB)
- The Time I’ve Lost in Weeping (BB)
from National Airs (in 6 parts) 1818-1827
- Oft in the Stilly Night (BB)
- Hark! The Vesper Hymn is Stealing (NM)
- A Canadian Boat Song (BB)

Edward J. O’Brien [1890-1941; American short-story writer]
- Of Moira Up the Glen [1913] (BB)

Fitz-James O’Brien
[c.1828-April 6, 1862] Irish-born American poet, short story writer, dramatist, essayist, and journalist
- The Demon of the Gibbet
- The Lost Steamship

John O’Keefe
- I am a friar of orders grey
- Amo, Amas

Moira O’Neill (Nesta Shakespeare Higginson Skrine)
- The Fairy Lough

John Boyle O’Reilly
(1844 - 1890) Irish-American Journalist and Fenian
A White Rose
The Cry of the Dreamer

Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy
from Music and Moonlight [1874]:
- Ode [introduction from The Music Makers]
- Song: I Made Another Garden
- Song: Has Summer Come Without the Rose
from Songs of a Worker [1881]:
- A Love Symphony (NM)
from Music and Moonlight [1874]
- Barcarolle (BB)

Seamus O’Sheel
- Thanksgiving for Our Task [1913]

Seamus O’Sullivan (James Starkey)
- A Piper

Thomas Parnell
- Song: ’When thy beauty appears’
- Song: ’My days have been so wondrous free’
- A Hymn to Contentment
- A Hymn for Morning
- A Hymn for Noon
- A Hymn for Evening
- A Night-Piece on Death
- An Elegy, To an Old Beauty

Katherine Philips
- Against Love

Dora Sigerson Shorter
- The Wind on the Hills
- All-Souls’ Night
- The Fair Little Maiden

James Stephens
- Hate
from The Hill of Vision:
- In the Poppy Field (BB)
- In the Cool of the Evening (BB)
- The Loneley God (BB)
from Songs from the Clay:
- The Rivals (BB)
- The Goatpaths (BB)
- The Snare (BB)
- In Woods and Meadows (BB)
- Deirdre (BB)

Jonathan Swift
- A Description of a City Shower ~
- The Progress of Poetry
- Phyllis, or The Progress of Love
- A Description of the Morning
- A Satirical Elegy
- On Stella’s Birth-day, 1719

Jane Francesca Lady Wilde (“Speranza”)
- Corinne’s Last Love Song

Oscar Wilde
from Rosa Mystica [1890]
- Hellas
- Requiescat (CS)
- Salve Saturnia Tellus
- San Miniato
- Ave Maria Plena Gratia
- Italia
- Sonnet
- Rome Unvisited
- Urbs Sacra Aeterna
- Sonnet
- On Easter Day
- E Tenebris
- Vita Nuova
- Madonna Mia
- The New Helen
- The Grave of Shelley (BB)
from Wind Flowers [1890]
- Impression du Matin
- Magdalen Walks
- Athenasia
- Serenade
- Endymion
- La Bella Donna del Mia Mente
- Chanson
- The Ballad of Reading Gaol
- Symphony in Yellow
- Theoretikos
- Santa Decca
- The Harlot’s House
- To My Wife
- Pan
- On the Sale by Auction of Keats’ Love Letters

Richard Henry Wilde [1789-1847; Irish-born American poet, scholar & prominent New Orleans lawyer]
- To the Mocking-Bird
- Stanzas
- A Farewell to America (NM)

Charles Wolfe
- The Burial of Sir John Moore [1817]

William Butler Yeats
from Crossways [1889]:
- The Stolen Child
- The Falling of the Leaves
- Down by the Salley Gardens
- The Meditation of the Old Fisherman
from The Rose [1893]:
- The Rose of the World
- A Cradle Song
- The Lake Isle of Innisfree
- When You are Old
- The Sorrow of Love
from The Wind Among the Reeds [1899]:
- He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (DK)
- The Song of the Old Mother
- The Song of Wandering Aengus
from In the Seven Woods [1904]:
- The Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water
from The Green Helmet and Other Poems [1910]:
No Second Troy
- Brown Penny
- A Drinking Song
from Responsibilities [1914]:
- To a Child Dancing in the Wind
- Two Years Later
- Fallen Majesty
from The Wild Swans at Coole [1919]:
- The Wild Swans at Coole (BB)
- An Irish Airman Forsees His Death
- The Scholars
- Memory
- Men Improve with the Years
- Broken Dreams
- Two Songs of a Fool
- In Memory of Major Robert Gregory
Michael Robartes and the Dancer [1921] - The complete 1921 edition of 15 poems
from Michael Robartes and the Dancer:
- The Second Coming


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