Works by Louis le Brocquy

This region of the Library is devoted to images of works by Irish artists, variously gathered from internet and scanned sources. The materials held here have been accumulated sporadically in the course of browsing and research rather than systematically accumulated, artist by artist.

Images from the Táin Bó Cuailgne (trans. Thomas Kinsella, 1969)
The Hosting of Medbh’s Army
Iron Age Chariots in Battle
The Morrigan (Female God of War)
Cuchulain’s Warp Spasm (I)
Cuchulain’s Warp Spasm (II)
Images from various periods
Travellers (1948)
Adam & Eve (tapestry)

Garlanded Goat (tapestry)
Human Image II
Human Image VI

The Hosting of Medbh’s Army
( white on black )

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