Portraits of James Joyce - An Album

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Commented gallery of Joyce with Sylvia Beach
at Shakespeare and Company (Paris)

— as attached.


Joyce in 1888 (aged 6)
Joyce as graduate (1903)
Joyce in 1904 (aged 22)

Left to right: May Joyce and some homes occupied by the family in good circumstances; Joyce with his parents (1888); Joyce’s father in old age

Nora Barnacle in 1916
Nora in 1920

Joyce in Zurich
Joyce in 1915 (Zurich)
Joyce in Trieste
Joyce in Zurich (1915)

Joyce with Sylvia Beach (Shakespeare & Co., Paris), 1922

with Sylvia Beach, 1921
Joyce, Georgio, Nora, Lucia
Joyce in Paris, 1934

Joyce by Augustus John (1930)
Joyce in 1939 (by Gisèle Freund)

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