Literary, Critical & Bibliophilic Journals: Index

The Bibliography region of Ricorso holds extensive records of the tables of contents (TOCs) of several leading Irish critical journals. In this section, by contrast, the contents themselves are copied - largely with a view to including extracts in the relevant “Commentary” pages of the AZ-Dataset. [Read more - infra.]

Literary Magazines
The Bell
Dublin Magazine
The Envoy
Critical Journals
Bullan: Journal of Irish Studies
Canadian Journal of Irish Studies
Études Irlandaises
Irish Literary Supplement
Irish Review [n.s.]
Irish Studies Review
Irish University Review
London Review of Books
Long Room
New Hibernia Review
Publishing Organs
The Irish Book Lover
Books Ireland
Irish Emigrant (Book Review)
Read Ireland
Irish Journal of Psychology  
[Cells indices in this table are each linked to the index of each the relevant section. The individual title you seek has to be “clicked” again there in order to access content.]

[Cont. from supra:] It is nevertheless a central aim of the Ricorso project to conduct a longitudinal survey of Irish critical journals. In one day-dream frequently indulged by the editor of Ricorso, a life-time could profitably be devoted to reading across this literature and mirroring its contents to the web site, thus reconstructing the existing “knowledge” of Irish literature in an internet context.
While no systematic attempt is being made to survey the actual contents of the journals listed here at present, the Journals section of Ricorso does contain some records indicating the nature of the process and products that we have in mind. Meanwhile longer extracts from articles which appeared in these and other places are more likely to be met with in the Library/Criticism section.

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