Album of Celtic Ireland

[Note: The following images make up a personal and somewhat random album of the major features of Celtic Ireland which dotted the landscape of the Gaelic period of Irish history. Some others are modern images of ancient Ireland created by Irish artists - notably Louis le Brocquy who gave us an iconic conception of the "massing" of the army of Maeve and Aillil, queen and consort of Connaught, before their famous "cattle-raid" on Ulster, which province Cuchulain heroically defended with the ultimate sacrifice of his life.]

Boyne Valley Megaliths (passage-tombs)


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Images from the(Cattle Raid of Bull of Cooley) of the Ulster Cyle - illustrated by Louis le Brocquy Tain Bo Cuailgne, trans. Thomas Kinsella (Dublin & Oxford 1969).

L to R: Massing of the Connacht Army against Ulster; Chariots of the Army; Morrigan - the war goddess; Queen Maeve Urinating; Warrior in battle; Cuchulain's Warp-spasm (1 & 2);

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A Selection of Historical Gaelic Artefacts held in the Irish National Museum (Dublin)

L to R: The Corrlick Head; the Petrie Crown; the Roscrea Broach; the Ballinderry Broach; the Tara Broach; the Kavanagh Horn.


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